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June 1988: Three Dimensional Marketing (TDM) is established by Kerry Humpherys to market 3D slides he's taken of models wearing hot swimwear fashions. Advertisements appear in Modern Photography, Popular Photography and Peterson's Photography magazines. 3D photography is an obsessive hobby for Humpherys (to this day!) and proves to be a thrilling experience although short-lived as a business.

July 1989: Humpherys moves on to his other interest: Music. He establishes TDM as one of the largest re-sellers of used vinyl in Utah and supplies the largest, most hip used record store in Salt Lake City (Starbound Records--now defunct) while building his own 60s vinyl collection to over 2,500 albums.

January 1991: TDM publishes its first book written by Humpherys titled Collecting Records for Cash. It sells several thousand copies before going out of print. The success of the book allows Humpherys to concentrate his collecting on his favorite band, The Doors. He begins to network amongst Doors collectors to expand his own collection of memorabilia and Doors live show recordings.

March 1991: Oliver Stone's film The Doors premieres in theaters around the world. TDM is proud to say it had nothing to do with this film! But as the film rekindles a global interest in The Doors, TDM offers a mailed newsletter and Doors live show trade list to the requests of thousands.

February 1993: Many in the Doors collecting community urge TDM to start a US-based Doors fan magazine to accommodate the now burgeoning database of Doors fans--a result of Humpherys' networking. Three Dimensional Marketing becomes incorporated (TDM Inc) when Patricia Kennealy threatens a lawsuit over a feature article in the premiere issue that highlights her exaggerated past.

June 1993: The first issue of The Doors Collectors Magazine (The DCM) rolls off the presses. Despite threats, the exposé on Patricia Kennealy appears in the magazine making this back issue a classic collectable among today's Doors fans. (Click for details on DCM #1)

December 1993: The DCM works with Hervé Muller, Frank Lisciandro and Gilles Yepremian who are organizers of the Morrison 50th Birthday Celebration in Paris. The DCM sets up a Doors memorabilia exhibit at the Paris record convention for thousands of Doors fans that flock to Paris for Jim's birthday. The event is a huge success! Even Robby Krieger shows up to celebrate!

March 1995: The DCM is chosen as 'Fanzine of the Month' by Britain's Record Collector magazine and receives rave reviews. Hundreds of UK Doors fans are turned on to the US-based magazine.

July 1995: Aware of electronic commerce in its infancy  http://www.doorscollectorsmagazine.com/  is established on the Internet as an online extension of The DCM .

August 1995: The Doors, working with video producer Rick Schmidlin, ask Humpherys to narrate a memorabilia segment on their official laser disc release The Doors Collection. The Doors' and Humpherys' own rare artifacts are displayed. The laser disc is released in December to great reviews. (Click for the original press release.)

October 1995: Humpherys is credited on the CD booklet for his assistance with Ray Manzarek's The Doors, Myth & Reality: The Spoken Word History. (Click for an original ad.) Click here to get the CD

April 1996: The DCM is given a glowing review by Tower Records' in-house PULSE magazine. Tower Records has, by this time, become the largest distributor of The Doors Collectors Magazine (next to TDM Inc itself).

May 1996: The DCM issues its own Doors tribute CD titled Children of Night. It features six Doors tribute bands from all over the US. The bands sing originals and Doors cover tunes. The CD proves to be a huge success for all involved. (Click for more information)

June 1996: The Doors Artistic Vision, by Doug Sundling, is published in the UK. The flattering credit given to The DCM boosts our popularity in both Britain and the US. Click for book

July 1996: Humpherys and The DCM's Associate Editor, Victoria Ridley, are approached by a publisher to write a Doors encyclopedia. A mammoth project, the research and writing of Endless Night: The Encyclopedia of The Doors continue to this day. The ultimate Doors source will be released in the near future.

July 1996: The DCM begins working with author Jerry Prochnicky (Break on Through and My Eyes Have Seen You) and his idea to expunge Morrison's record of the convictions levelled against him following the bogus Miami trial of 1969. The fight carries on.... (Click for current details)

March 1997: The DCM uncovers footage from an August 1970 interview with Morrison after the Bakersfield, CA concert. It is used by The Doors on their 'Best of' video release of 1998 and described as the last filmed interview with Morrison. Click for video

June 1997: The Doors On The Road by Greg Shaw is published in the US. Not only does it give fans the most comprehensive look at The Doors tour schedule, but it gives The DCM another great review and credit which consequently increases the number of Doors fans on our mailing list.

July 1997: The DCM's website (www.doors.com) is awarded the Lycos Top 5% for excellence in website design and content. Over time the review, and The DCM's link to it, were removed from both sites. Regretfully the review has been lost.

November 1997: TDM Inc is accepted as a secure merchant through Verisign (www.verisign.com). They offer a select group of proven and reputable Internet merchants a secure, encrypted server for on-line processing of credit card transactions.

October 1998: Humpherys assists with the production of the VH-1 Legends' The Legend of The Doors video special which still airs today.

April 1999: The Doors Collection laser disc is released in DVD format and, as a result, The DCM's memorabilia segment receives wider circulation. It remains one of the best-selling Doors DVDs today.

June 1999: Our first annual issue is mailed to subscribers. The huge 104-page magazine includes a controversial response by a character maligned in Patricia Kennealy's Strange Days, as well as a story contributed by The Doors' manager, Danny Sugerman. . (Click for more information on this issue)

March 2000: The DCM's West Coast Representative, Jan Eloise Morris and Humpherys appear on a 'What If' segment in VH-1's Rock and Roll Record Breakers (episode #3) concerning the rumour that on July 3, 2001 Jim's body will be transferred from Paris' Père Lachaise Cemetery to the Hollywood Forever cemetary.

September 2000: The Doors recruit The DCM to find an audience of the most deserving Doors fans for a Doors reunion gig to be filmed for the VH-1 Storytellers special. Subscribers to The DCM's Strange Days Email Newsletter were invited to write in and describe why they should be in the audience. Over 80 tickets were distributed to The DCM's newsletter subscribers.

April 2001: TDM Inc replaces the Verisign secure order page with authorize.net for all our secure on-line transactions. The old-style shopping cart was replaced by a new cartmanager set up to make ordering even easier and more secure.

July 2001: The DCM in association with Cinetropic, set up a Paris tour for 45 of the most avid Doors fans in the US for the 30th anniversary of Jim's death. Our walking tour of Jim Morrison's Paris is a big hit. Ray and Danny set up a press conference for Doors fans: The Doors graciously ensure that everyone in the group gets tickets. Ray performs and then both he and Danny answer questions from the audience. Film presentations include HWY and Feast of Friends. Click for story.

April 2002: The DCM in association with Cinetropic, set up the first ever DoorsFest in Los Angeles, CA at the Hyatt Hotel on Sunset Blvd. Attendees include: Ray Manzarek, Danny Sugerman, Darryl Read (from England), Henry Diltz, Bright Midnight Records, Michelle Campbell's Photography, Paul Williams (Crawdaddy), Jan Eloise Morris (poet), Jerry Prochnicky (Break On Through) Frank Bella (artist), Jessie Buddell (artist), Ineke Verhuel (author from the Netherlands), Jim Cherry (author), Yesterdaze Closet, Novak Enterprises, Let It Be Records (vintage memorabilia dealers), and of course, The DCM Click for more info.

November 2002: Humpherys and staff of The Doors Collectors Magazine are credited on the George Winston CD, Night Divides The Day - The Music of The Doors for helping George research The Doors' music as he prepared the compositions for his CD. It was warmly received by Doors fans globally and remains a best seller in the Dancing Cat catalog. For more information on this CD, please go to: http://www.dancingcat.com/.

November 2003: The Doors Bright Midnight label announces a special compilation of Robby's favorite Doors performances taken from several shows. In the 'Boot Yer Butt' CD credits, Robby acknowledges Humpherys for his help and participation in making the CD.

December 2003: The DCM in association with Cinetropic, set up this adventure to Paris for 35 Doors fans. Our walking tour of Jim Morrison's Paris was still a big hit and The Doors 21C graciously ensure that everyone in our group received tickets for the December 8th special performance at a local Parisian club called, La Scene. Only 200 were admitted to see this special preview of the next nights performance to 8,000 at Le Zenith. Both concerts were incredible and everyone had a ball!

Fall 2008: The DCM assists Director, Tom DiCillo's staff as they assemble the footage and narrative for The Doors' documentary, 'When You're Strange' and is credited for his assistance. Humpherys along with friend, Salli Stevenson (from Circus Magazine) interview DiCillo shortly after meeting him at the Sundance Film Festival. DiCillo's interview appears in The Doors Collectors On-Line Magazine.

July 2011: The DCM in association with Cinetropic, set up another ultimate adventure to Paris for 25 Doors fans. Our walking tour of Jim Morrison's Paris was a hit, as well as our tour of Pere Lachaise directed by Michelle Campbell. We all traveled together to see Chàteau de Chantilly where Jim & Pam visited almost 40 years ago to the day, and the Ray Manzarek & Robby Krieger concert performed at the Paris Bataclan Theater which was the ultimate highlight of the trip.

November 2016: The Doors Collectors Magazine changes it's domain name from doors.com to DoorsCollectorsMagazine.com to better identify itself with those looking for our on-line magazine and memorabilia store.

  • Since 1991 TDM Inc has earned an international reputation for business excellence in the rock 'n' roll memorabilia market place with a customer base now reaching over 15,000 satisfied customers.
  • Our free Strange Days News & Memorabilia Emailer entertains readers and keeps us in touch with over 25,000 Doors fans the world over.
  • Our website continues to grow daily with 20,000+ plus individual visits per month; only The Official Website of The Doors can brag of more Doors traffic.

Our Goals:
  • To offer a quality on-line publication consistent with The Doors and responsive to their fans.
  • To provide a safe haven for Doors fans interested in buying, selling and trading Doors memorabilia.
  • And, as always... "to explore the music and magic of The Doors."

To be continued...

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