Some Unsolicited Customer Comments

The LP and the 3 CD's arrived today. Thank you very much for this nice surprise from US! I'm very pleased! Thank you! Tschüss!
S.K., St.Gallen, Switzerland
Hey thanks for the awesome merchandise love everything I ordered! I'm defiantly going to order more, definitely my favorite website!
J.D., Jackson, NJ

G'day Kerry, Legendary work!! Thanks for all your help and for going the extra mile, I'll make sure my sister knows that you and you team operate a great business. Thanks again!
S.B., Brisbane, Australia

The plaque arrived today and looks incredible. My father will love it on Christmas Day, I've just got to keep it a secret until then!! Thanks for all your help! Regards,
B.H., Surrey, England

I can't thank you enough for all you did for me regarding the books. It was the greatest Christmas present I have ever given and the most appreciated! Thanks again for everything. I am sure I will be utilizing your website for future Doors items.
B.A., Miami, FL

I received my plaque today and it arrived in perfect conditions! Besides that, I didn't have pay for any taxes, which was great! I would like to thank you again for your support; I'm really, really, really satisfied with your service and I'll surely recommend your website to my friends! Thank you again! Regards,
D.M., Sao Paulo, Brazil

I received the tapes yesterday. It's the best thing I've ever received by mail. I was jumping all over the house. Thank you very much, and a big hug to you!
Your Friend,
N.M., Pombal, Portugal

I'm that rabid fan from Maryland who won't stop calling. I'm sorry it's just that I've never seen anything like this. This is what music should be all about. Music is for the audience.
See...Now you've got me off on yet another tangent. The real reason I sent this is to thank you BIG TIME !! I will be requiring more of the same. I asked Kerry for a suggestion and he came through with flying colors. I have to digest these four tapes you sent me, then I'll be back with some more requests and recommendations. In the mean time, As he would have said...DANCE ON FIRE! Thanks again!
D.D., Saint Inigoes, MD

I just received the above CD which I ordered only 2 weeks ago. I just want to thank you for an excellent and professional service, and a superb interview!! ["A Conversation With Jim Morrison"] I would say that CD should be an essential part of any Doors fan's collection. I shall certainly be using The Doors Collector's Magazine again in the very near future. Thanks!
S.E., Doncaster, UK

Thanks for your letter! I was very happy after receiving your Doors Magazine, cause I don't have Internet Browsing Access (have no IP-address), and contacting with other friends through Zaporozhskay Nuclear Power Plant Corporate Network [Ukraine]. Awaiting for other issues! And other interesting information about The DOORS. Thank you, very much! (Excuse me for my English - cause I Russian, but living in Ukraine).Sincerely yours...
S.K., Zaporizhzhe, Ukraine

This is just a short note to say thanks for the prompt service in dealing with my order for Greg Shaw's book. It arrived at my house here in the UK on the morning of Thursday 31st July in A-1 condition. It is everything I hoped it would be. Once again, THANKS! :-) I truly am a satisfied customer.
P.B., Lankashire, England

I just ordered a 2 year subscription from The DCM and want to tell you the service was great. The gentleman I talked to was very nice and helpful. I am looking forward to getting my first magazine. Thank you!
S. E., Los Angeles, CA

I am a recent subscriber to the magazine mentioned above. I wanted to tell you how WONDERFUL your magazine is! It is most likely the BEST money I have EVER spent on a magazine subscription! I plan on renewing my subscription for a lifetime! I enjoy it THAT much! Sincerely Yours,
R.L., Mesa, AZ

G.E., Havelock, NC

Just a quick note to say thank you x 1,000,000 for sending the info on the Lizard Trail to me in Beverly Hills ... I went to most of the places listed and took heaps of rolls of film! Thank you so much! I can't believe I was standing in places where Jim and the Doors once were! Thank you sooooo much again...
P.I., Gold Coast, Australia

Greetings! I have been a Doors freak for almost ten years now, and I just recently discovered The Doors Collectors Magazine. I just received my DCM '99 annual in the mail on Christmas Eve, and I wanted to tell you that I think your magazine is FANTASTIC!!! I had no idea that your publication even existed until a few weeks ago, and man am I glad I stumbled onto your web site! I am also very excited about all the live shows you have for trade. Your whole organization is a Doors lovers' dream come true! You definitely will get my support from now on! Once again, the magazine is awesome!!!
S.E., Cincinnati, OH

Just a few lines to say my Morrison Hotel Gold record arrived here about a month ago. It was in perfect condition and looks excellent on my wall. Thank you for your professional and effective work. There are alot of Doors fans here in New Zealand , but few more enthusiastic as me I think. The DCM certainly adds another dimension on "our" band. I hope you have a happy Christmas and great new year.
R.T., Auckland, New Zealand

Just received and read your "Strange Days" Newsletter for the first time and wanted to note, that I am very pleased about it! You do a pretty damn good job in writing this one!!! I don't want to steal your time with reading epic Emails, so take care and "see the light babe"!!!!
M.S., Duisburg-Rheinhausen, Germany

Hey! i just received my order... Wow that was fast! 4 days! ...and the amazing thing is that only one item was out of stock. When I've dealt with other companies for my Doors merchandise, they always took weeks. I just wanted to drop you guys a note and say that I think you guys rock! Thanks again!
J.K., Louisville, KY

I got the Jim Morrison litho today in the mail! Man this is cool, lot's better than I thought. I will keep this forever. Thanks alot!
J.P., San Diego, CA

First of all, I got the first seven DCMs, thanks- they're great!! I've been reading bits and pieces of all seven mags and really appreciate the work you've put into them. Much luck and continued success to you! Once again, thanks for keeping the magic alive.
J.P., Brooklyn, NY

Wow! I bought the new copy of your magazine today! I must admit I was stunned. All this time I never really thought The Doors Collectors Magazine was a REAL magazine...! I always assumed it was a few 'xerox' pages or some such, like most Internet e-zines seem to be. Boy was I wrong! All Doors fans need to subscribe... I'm gonna move your banner from the links page to the main page... Maybe say a few words about it. Thanks again!
Mr. Mojo Risin'( unknown

I got my first order back from you in 2 days - what fantastic service! and good tapes too. You can bet I'll be placing another order real soon! Thanks Kerry for a job well done.
B.H., Portland, OR

Thanks again for the pleasure and for the chance to listen to some great music. If it wasn't for you guys I wouldn't have been able to ever hear this great live stuff, and thanks for being there.
R.G., New York, NY

I'd just like to let you know that I received the tapes on Monday, and they are unbelievable. What a pleasure it was to finally listen to the entire 20 minute version of the 'Celebration of the Lizard'! Any ways, you will definitely hear from me in the next couple of months regarding the acquisition of more tapes. Thanks for all you great efforts Kerry, it is much appreciated
J.A., Etobicoke, Ont. Canada are just *the man*!!!! Thanks alot for your've saved my ass the last two Christmas's. Keep up the EXCELLENT work!! :)
T.P., San Diego, CA

I received your packet two days ago.... whoaa! That was really fast! The tapes are incredible and I especially enjoy the Felt forum, Vancouver and Toronto shows. School ended two weeks ago so I have all summer for my new Doors stuff. Still can't believe packet arrived so soon... you are real professionals and I thank you for being that. I am sure we'll trade again soon!!!
V.P., Zagreb, Croatia

The shipment from you has arrived yesterday. It is in great condition just as I expected. Thanks very much! Best regards
K.I., Tokyo, Japan

I ordered the morrison interview on the 1st of November and 5 days later it was in my mail box. In these days thats what i call service! I would not hesitate to order anything from you again or recomend you to a friend. Outstanding service!
M.W., Anton Chico, NM

Just to let you know that I received the Gold Discs today and they are simply wonderful. I just have to decide now where to hang them. Many thanks for shipping them to me. They arrived in perfect condition. Best wishes for Christmas and the New Year. Regards
D.B., Surrey, England

I called just 4 days ago to the phone number at the website, and placed my order. Today my package arrived! You don't know how LONG I have been looking for those two books - they're out of print everywhere! Thanx again!
E.A., Long Island, NY

I received the three cassettes on Thursday and have already listened to all the music except the videotape so far. Thank you very much, I really appreciate getting all the new music. It really is like getting BRAND NEW Doors records. I especially loved the Miami show.
S.F., Torrence, CA

I received the package with your Doors Collectors magazines in the mail yesterday - today I am passing it around to all of my friends today at work---you should be receiving quite a few orders!! Thanks for a GREAT web page too! Whenever I am having a bad day---your page takes it all away! Keep up the great work! Thanks!
S.S., Rockford, IL

I received my 3 cd's yesterday and everything was fine. Thanks for your excellent service once again.
S.B., Glasgow, Scotland

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