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  Michael C. Ford: 'Look Each Other in the Ears' CD



Look Each Other in the Ears.
This album marks a reunion and the last recording for the three Doors members, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, backing up Michael C Ford as he recites his poetry. When The Doors first formed Michael C Ford was considered for the bass player position, however, it was decided that Ray Manzarek would play the bass on his organ instead. This decision gave the Doors their unique sound. Michael went on to become a Pulitzer Prize, Grammy nominated poet while all along remaining close friends and collaborators with the band as they rose to international stardom. Michael C. Ford's first poetry reading occurred at a Fund Raiser for Norman Mailer's run for Mayor of New York in 1969 with Jim Morrison and poet Michael McClure & several Andy Warhol "Factory workers.
Price $20
Look Each Other in the Ears CD and limited edition (500) vinyl LP when it's released on June 10 Both signed by MCF
Price $49

  Jonathan Elias: 'Requiem For The Americas' CD



Requiem For The Americas / Songs From The Lost World.
Out of print picture CD that includes Morrison speaking his poetry. Booklet includes pictures plus story and songs about an Indian Shaman - not unlike a Morrison story. The incredible all-star line up of artists appearing on this album includes: Stewart Copeland of The Police - Susanna Hoffs of The Bangles - Grace Jones - Simon Le Bon & John Taylor of Duran Duran - Liam O'Maolai - Dan Reed - Nick Rhodes - Patti Scialfa - Charlie Sheen & Martin Sheen - John Waite - Jon Anderson - Michael Bolton - Boys Choir of Harlem & Toni Childs. Cond: Mint - Sealed Long Box
Price $40
Another copy in M- condition
Price $30

 Ray Manzarek's 'The Golden Scarab' CD

The Golden Scarab.
The LP was originally released in 1973 and the CD came out in 1992. Out of print and very hard to find. This one is the rare original US issue. Cond: M-
Price $75
Another copy which is a UK import with a slightly different cover. Cond: M-
Price $40

 Ray Manzarek's ''The Whole Thing Started' CD

The Whole Thing Started.
The LP was originally released in 1974 and the CD came out just recently in a limited edition UK release which is now, as I understand, out of print and very hard to find. Cond: M
Price $65

 Ray Manzarek's 'Carmina Burana' CD

Carmina Burana.
The CD re-issue of the 1983 album contains Ray's rendition of composer, Carl Orff's music. For those of you who saw The D21C or Riders On The Storm, you will recognize the song they opened ther concert with (O Fortuna). This is just the thing for all your renegade monks out there! Out of Print in the US - this is a European Import. Cond: M-
Price $35

 Michael McClure / Ray Manzarek: 'Love Lion' CD

Michael McClure / Ray Manzarek: 'Love Lion'.
The marraige of poetry and music creates a new medium embodying elements of both and this is it. Out of print. Cond: M-
Price $30

 'Darryl Read w/ Ray Manzarek: Freshly Dug' CD

Darryl Read w/ Ray Manzarek: 'Freshly Dug'.
Out of print. Tis is the original CD that Ray Manzarek guest performed on with English punk/poet. For an informative article that Darryl Read wrote about working with Ray Manzarek, please
click here. Cond: M
For signed copies of Darryl's poetry book, please click here.
Price $55
'Darryl Read w/ Ray Manzarek: Freshly Dug' This is for a second issue version more common version with a different cover. Cond: M-
Price: $40

 'Darryl Read w/ Ray Manzarek: Beat Existentialist' CD

Darryl Read w/ Ray Manzarek: 'Beat Existentialist'.
Out of print. Ray Manzarek guest performs with English punk/poet on this 1993 CD. For an informative article that Darryl Read wrote about working with Ray Manzarek, please
click here. Cond: M
Click for signed copies of Darryl's poetry book
Price $16

 Scott Richardson w/ Ray Manzarek: 'Revelation Blues' CD

Scott Richardson w/ Ray Manzarek: 'Revelation Blues' CD.
Out of print. Ray Manzarek guest performs with Scott Richardson on this original 1994 CD. Cond: M
Price $38
Scott Richardson w/ Ray Manzarek: 'Revelation Blues' This is a second issue version with a different cover. It is also now out of print. Cond: M-
Price: $38

 'Ray Manzarek's The Doors: Myth & Reality' CD Set

Ray Manzarek's Myth & Reality' CD Set.
Out of print. Double CD with The Doors story as told by Ray. Includes little known quips & anecdotes - alot of it about his own life. Recommended! Out of print. Cond: M-
Price: $24

 Strange Days' movie soundtrack CD w/ Ray Manzarek

'Strange Days' movie soundtrack w/ Ray Manzarek.
I picked up this one when it came out because Ray guest appeared on the title song Strange Days, but then ended up loving the entire CD. Out of print. Cond: M
Price: $18

 'JazzSpeak: A Word Collection' CD w/ Ray Manzarek

JazzSpeak: A Word Collection.
Ray Manzarek and Michael C. Ford perform 'Requiem for American Music' on this rare, out of print CD. Other artists featured are: Linda Albertino, Burton Cummings, and Michael McClure amongst others. Cond: M-
Price $48

 Michael C. Ford: 'Fire Escapes' CD w/ Ray Manzarek

Michael C. Ford: 'Fire Escapes' CD.
Long time friend of Morrison's and The Doors, Michael C. Ford put together an incredible poetry album with musical backing featuring amongst others, Ray on Studio Grand Piano. A nice haunting listen! Out of print. Cond: M
Price $16

 Aleks Syntek "Y La Gente Normal' CD w/ Ray Manzarek

Aleks Syntek "Y La Gente Normal' CD.
Keyboard magazine said "Aleks Syntek is the Mexican King of Pop" in their March 2002 issue. If you want to know why, just check this CD out! Guest musician Ray Manzarek appears on the song, "Nuestras Costumbres" playing the Hammond Organ. Cond: M-
Price $28

'Songs Inspired by Literature' CD featuring Ray Manzarek+

'Songs Inspired by Literature' CD featuring Manzarek,
  Bruce Springsteen, Grace Slick, & more..

Hear the songs that the artists chose as their songs most inspired by things they've read. Manzarek chose 'He Can't Come Today' inspired by Samuel Beckett's 'Waiting For Godot'. With the sale of each CD, one-half of your money goes straight to the SIBL foundation. Each CD is still sealed and mint.
Price $18

 Butts Band: 'The Complete Recordings' CD

Butts Band Complete Recordings.
Out of print and impossible to find! Robby and John formed a band with a couple of other musicians in 1973-74. Their two releases ('The Butts Band' & 'Hear and Now') are both included on this CD as well as unreleased single. This is the original 'One Way' issue. Out of print. Cond: Exc+
Price: $58
An import copy in M condition
Price: $44

 'Robby Krieger & Friends' CD

Robby Krieger & Friends.
Getting VERY hard to find. The 1977 album re-issued on CD in 1991 and out of print ever since. Cond: M-
Price: $52

 James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt: All Wood and Doors CD
 w/ John Densmore & Robby Krieger.

James Lee Stanley and Cliff Eberhardt: All Wood and Doors CD w/ John Densmore & Robby Krieger.
An acoustic guitar album like no other -- 12 Classic Doors songs sung and played by Cliff Eberhardt and James Lee Stanley; accompanied by: Peter Tork (monkees), Timothy B Schmit (eagles), Laurence Juber (paul mccartney & wings), Paul Barrere (little feat), Scott Breadman (rippingtons, lindsay buckingham), Chad Watson (david arkenstone, janis ian), and special guests John Densmore and Robby Krieger. Fans of The Doors, acoustic guitar aficionados, as well as Crosby Stills & Nash, Buffalo Springfield, Rubber Soul, the Eagles, or classic Beach Boys harmonies are in for a real treat. Cond: M
Price $15

 John Densmore's 'Reza: Ray of the Wine' CD

Reza - Ray of the Wine CD.
John Densmore's long awaited CD project is finally out on the Henhouse Label! The CD is produced by Densmore, who also plays drums throughout. It features Iranian born singer, Reza Derakshani who plays an entire range of funky ancient instruments like the Tar, Sehtar and the bowed Tarmanche and Kamanche, as well as the bamboo flute known as the Ney and the Daf, a hand drum. While only playing traditional instruments, Derakshani plays them with such feeling that they wail with bluesy feeling, much like how Hendrix played the electric guitar. The songs are a blend of Persian, Moroccan, African, Indian & Western music is earthy, mystical & seductive, as traditional rigor meets improvisational freedom and complex, passionate melodies couple with relentless grooves. Cond: M
Price $13

 Tribaljazz w/ John Densmore CD

Tribaljazz w/ John Densmore CD.
The brainchild of legendary Doors drummer John Densmore, blends and fuses improvisational jazz, beats and world music. In the end, what you hear is, truly, Tribaljazz. The band features John Densmore on drums, co-founder Art Ellis on Soprano / Alto Sax and Flute, two master African drummers, an upright bass player, a world- class pianist and a multi-instrumental percussionist. Cond: M
Price $18

 Robby Krieger: 'Versions' / 'Robby Krieger' CD

Versions / Robby Krieger.
This is the only time that either of these albums were ever issued on CD. Out of print. Cond: M-
Price: $45

 Robby Krieger: 'No Habla' CD

No Habla.
My personal favorite Krieger album - originally out in 1989. Out of print. Cond: M-.
Price: $36

 'Guitar Speak' CD Featuring Robby Krieger

Guitar Speak.
CD features 12 original songs by some of rock's legendary guitar players. Includes: 'No Limit' - Alvin Lee; 'The Prisoner' - Randy California; 'Western Flyer' - Eric Johnson; 'Let Me Out A Here' - Leslie West; 'Blood Alley' - Ronnie Montrose; 'Sharp On Attack' - Steve Howe; Sphinx' - Phil Manzanera; 'Slow Moon Rising' - Rick Derringer; 'Danjo' - Pete Haycock; 'Urban Strut' - Steve Hunter; 'Captain Zolog' - Hank Marvin; and lastly, and best of all, 'Strut a Various' by Robby Krieger. Out of Print. Cond: Mint - Sealed Long Box
Price: $65
Another copy in M- condition
Price: $35

 Robby Krieger: 'Door Jams' CD

Door Jams.
This is a compilation of Robby's old and new music. A hard one to find! Out of Print since 1989. This copy is still in the sealed long box - it looks like it was just purchased yesterday! Cond: Mint
Price: $75

 'Night of the Guitar: Live' featuring Robby Krieger CD

Night of the Guitar: Live!
Robby Krieger and Steve Hunter kick some ass in this rare 1989 CD when they perform 'Love Me Two Times' live. Also appearing is Pete Haycock, Randy Califormia, Leslie West, Steve Howe, Alvin Lee, Ted Turner & Andy Powell. Out of print. Cond: M-
Price: $35
Another copy - Mint CD is still in the original wrapped long box (if you remember what these were) although the top of the box is sun faded a bit and slightly crushed, but still a rare find! Cond: Exc
Price: $65

 'Harley Davidson: The American Motorcyle' Soundtrack by Robby Krieger CD

Harley Davidson American Motorcyle Soundtrack.
Robby Krieger pretty much did the soundtrack to this 1993 video - he wrote and performed the theme song and many others throughout. Other classic artists appearing on the CD include: the Allman Brothers; Steppenwolf; Spencer Davis Group; Lynyrd Skynrd; Marshall Tucker Band; and BTO. Cond: M-
Price: $30

 Robby Krieger Organization: 'RKO Live!' CD

RKO Live!
Hear the only testiment of the now defunct RKO band which reformed afterwards with a few new players as the Robby Krieger Band. Out of print. Cond: M
Price: $25

 Robby Krieger: 'Cinematix' CD

The original release on the rare MP3 label. Only made for a short time and very hard to find! Cond: M-
Price: $95
The Re-issue on Oglio Records. Cond: M-
Price: $28

 Swing Kings 'Another Night On The Town' CD w/ Robby Krieger

Swing Kings Another Night On The Town.
Swing that Rocks! This isn't your fathers swing! Ferocious horns, driving rhythm section & the coolest lyrics this side of the 50s. The new cd, 'Another Night on the Town' carries the power of a live Swing Kings show. Captured in one of Hollywoods top studios, the Music Grinder, The sound is supurb. Ron Alan on vocals, and featured on 'Sultans of Swing' and 'License for the Blues' is lead guitarist Robby Krieger. All but two of the songs are original Swing Kings compositions, each track unique & powerful.This cd's got it wall to wall! Cond: M
Price: $15

 'Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen' CD featuring Robby Krieger

'Dragon Attack: A Tribute to Queen' CD.
Features many musicians including Ted Nugent, Scott Ian, Carmine Appice, and of course, Robbby Krieger plays guitar on "We Are The Champions'. Hard to find! Cond: M
Price: $25

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