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The Doors on Vinyl:    1 - 2 - 3 - Ray - Robby - John - Jim - Related - Radio-Shows

Grading: (Cover/Record)

 Ray Manzarek: 'The Golden Scarab' Released in US Early 1974

The Golden Scarab (Exc/M) w/ sleeve.
Price: $--

 Ray Manzarek: 'The Whole thing Started' Released in US 1974

The Whole thing Started... (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $75
The Golden Scarab (Exc+/M-) w/ sleeve.
Price: $20

 Nite City w/ Ray Manzarek Released in the US 1977

Nite City (SEALED - M/M) A perfect copy of this Canadian Import.
Price: $--

 Ray Manzarek's Nite City: 'Golden Days Diamond Nights' Released only in Germany 1978

Golden Days Diamond Nights (M-/M) Record is perfect! Cover has wear. Released only in Germany. VERY RARE!
Price: $185

 Zippers: A Six Song Mini Album 1981

Zippers (SEALED - M/M) Produced by Ray Manzarek w/ management by Danny Sugerman. Very hard to find album on Rhino Records - especially sealed!
Price: $95
Zippers (M-/M-)
Price: $50
Zippers (Exc+/Exc+)
Price: $40

  Ray Manzarek: 'Carmina Burana' Released in the US 1983

Carmina Burana (M-/M) PROMO ISSUE! Lyric sheet included.
Price: $65
Carmina Burana (M/M) Not sealed but perfect! Lyric sheet included.
Price: $45
Carmina Burana (M-/M) Lyric sheet included.
Price: $40
Carmina Burana (Exc/M) Lyric sheet included.
Price: $30
Carmina Burana (Exc+/Exc-)
Price: $24

 Ray Manzarek: 'Wounds of Fate/Boiling Rage/The Dance' Promo Released in the US in 1983

Wounds of Fate/Boiling Rage/The Dance (Exc+/M) PROMO 12" SINGLE for the Carmina Burana album
Price: $34

 Michael C. Ford: Motel Cafe (featuring Ray Manzarek on 'Bungalow 3K7') Released in the US in 1988

Motel Cafe (SEALED - M/M) Perfect condition. Michael was Morrison's poet friend from UCLA who still performs around L.A. w/ Ray Manzarek. Michael's poetry albums are incredible! Gear up for an intense listening experience.
Price $27

 Michael C. Ford: Look Each Other in the Ears (M/M) (featuring Ray Robby & John) Released in the US in 2014

Look Each Other in the EarsSIGNED by Michael
This album marks a reunion and the last recording for the three Doors members, Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore, backing up Michael C Ford as he recites his poetry. When The Doors first formed Michael C Ford was considered for the bass player position, however, it was decided that Ray Manzarek would play the bass on his organ instead. This decision gave the Doors their unique sound. Michael went on to become a Pulitzer Prize, Grammy nominated poet while all along remaining close friends and collaborators with the band as they rose to international stardom. Michael C. Ford's first poetry reading occurred at a Fund Raiser for Norman Mailer's run for Mayor of New York in 1969 with Jim Morrison and poet Michael McClure & several Andy Warhol "Factory workers.
Price $39
Look Each Other in the Ears limited edition (500) vinyl LP and CD signed by MCF
Price $49

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