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The Doors on Vinyl:    1 - 2 - 3 - Ray - Robby - John - Jim - Related - Radio-Shows

Grading: (Cover/Record)

 'Robby Krieger & Friends' w/ John - Released in US 1977

Robby Krieger & Friends (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $45
Robby Krieger & Friends (M-/M) No shrink wrap, but close to perfect condition
Price: $23
Robby Krieger & Friends (Exc+/M-)
Price: $20

  Robby Krieger: 'Versions' w/ John & Ray - Released in US 1982

Versions (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $38
Versions (M-/M) PROMO LP
Price: $60
Versions (M/M) No shrink wrap, but in perfect condition.
Price: $25
Versions (M-/M-)
Price: $22

 Acid Casualties: 'Panic Station' w/ Robby - Released in US 1982

Acid Casualties: 'Panic Station' (M-/M-) Great guitars are courtesy of Robby Krieger and some cool keyboards courtesy of Arthur Barrow on this obscure Rhino release. I doubted for years this even exsisted it was so hard to find! The artwork is SO COOL, I had to make a larger picture of it - CLICK HERE TO SEE.
Price: $55
Acid Casualties: 'Panic Station' (Exc+/Exc+)
Price: $45

 Robby Krieger: Original Master Recording - Released in US 1985

Robby Krieger (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $45

 Robby Krieger: No Habla - Released in the US 1989

No Habla (M/M) ENGLAND IMPORT - Perfect condition!
Price: $12
No Habla (M-/M) ENGLAND IMPORT - Small split at top of cover otherwise perfect
Price: $8

 Guitar Speak featuring Robby Krieger - Released in the US 1989

Guitar Speak (SEALED - M/M) Canada Import. This perfect album also features Leslie West, Steve Hunter, Randy California, Alvin Lee, Eric Johnson, Rick Derringer and others.
Price: $55
Guitar Speak (Exc+/M-) Rare PROMO Copy!
Price: $55
Guitar Speak (M-/M-)
Price: $42

 Night of the Guitar Live! w/ Robby Krieger - Released in US 1989

Night of the Guitar Live! (M/M-) Very rare double album release of the tour for the above album. It also features many of the same artists above including: Robby Krieger (of course), Leslie West, Steve Howe, Steve Hunter, Randy California, Pete Haycock, Ted Turner, and Alvin Lee.
Price: $68

Densmore & Krieger LP Records

 'The Comfortable Chair' - Released in the US in 1968
  Produced by John & Robby

Comfortable Chair (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $95
The Comfortable Chair (Exc/Exc+)
Price: $45
The Comfortable Chair (Exc-/Exc-)
Price: $38

 The Butts Band w/ John & Robby - Released in US 1974

The Butts Band (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $85
The Butts Band (Exc+/M-) w/ original sleeve.
Price: $38
The Butts Band (Exc-/M-) w/ original sleeve.
Price: $32
The Butts Band (Exc-/Exc-) w/ original sleeve.
Price: $24
The Butts Band (Exc/M) CANADA IMPORT
Price: $20

 The Butts Band: 'Hear & Now' w/ John & Robby - Released 1975

Hear & Now (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect!
Price: $85
Hear & Now (Exc/M) While still sealed, this one has a tear in the shrink wrap and a bit of water damage in the lower corner.
Price: $40
Hear & Now (M-/M) PROMO copy with slight wear on the cover.
Price: $65
Hear & Now (Exc-/M-) PROMO copy
Price: $48
Hear & Now (Exc+/M)
Price: $28

 The Krieger-Densmore Reggae Bonanza - Released in US 1983

The Krieger-Densmore Reggae Bonanza (SEALED - M/M) - Perfect! Rare issue from Rhino Records - Very hard to find! Especially in this condition!
Price: $75
The Krieger-Densmore Reggae Bonanza (M/M) Not sealed, but perfect!
Price: $50

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