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Rolling Stones Magazines - Page:  1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6

 Rolling Stone Magazine #1   (11-9-67) w/ John Lennon on cover REPRODUCTION

Cover / Feature Article: 
Other Features: Donovan Interview Pt. 1, Monterey Festival, Hendrix & Clapton.
Articles: The Beatles, 'Murray the K' Kaufman, The Byrds, Country Joe, Hip Pocket Records, Traffic, Bill Haley, The Who, The Move, Pink Floyd, Lovin Spoonfuls, Blood Sweat and Tears, Electric Flag.
Record Reviews:  Arlo Guthrie, Sopwith Camel, Chuck Berry, Electric Flag, Traffic, The Fascinations, HP Lovecraft, The Herd.
Advertisements:  Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band (2 pages), KMPX Radio (full), Sonny Innerviews (full), Diana Ross & The Supremes (full), The Baroques (1/2), Pink Floyd-Lee Michaels-Clearlight at Fillmore (1/4)
Cond:  M- No label

Price: $45

 Rolling Stone Magazine #7   (3-9-68) w/ Jimi Hendrix on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Jimi Hendrix.
Other Features:  Jefferson Airplane, Ravi Shankar, Bruce Conner - Film Maker.
Articles:  Charlatans, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Who, Albert King, Jimi Hendrix Bootlegs, Country Joe McDonald, Grateful Dead, the Maharishi, and the Beatle's Business.
Record Reviews:  Kinks, Jack Elliott, Gary Burdon Quartet, Leonard Cohen, and the Electric Prunes.
Advertisements:  Spirit (full), Rotary Connection (full), History of Rhythm & Blues (full), Kinks (full), Ramblin Jack Elliott (full), Rolling Stone Posters (full), Incredible String Band ISB (full), Jimi Hendrix Experience (1/2), John Mayal's Blues Breakers (1/2)
Cond:  M- No label

Price: $260

 Rolling Stone Magazine #8   (4-6-68) w/ Lou Adler & John Phillips on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Lou Adler & John Phillips / Monterey Pop Festival.
Other Features:  Mike Bloomfield Interview, Frank Zappa & The Mothers of Invention, Album Art.
Articles:  Beatle's Magical Mystery Tour, Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, Chet Helms Family Dog, Dick Clark, Steve Miller Band Busted, Butterfield Blues Band, Paul Revere.
Record Reviews:  History of Rhythm & Blues, Blue Cheer, Jimi Hendrix, John Mayall's Bluesbreakers, Albert King (single), Manfred Mann (single), Carolyn Sullivan (single).
Advertisements:  Son of the Big Bands (full), Tiny Tim (full), Super Super Blues Band (full), Canned Heat (1/2), ABC Record's Artists (1/2), Donovan (1/2), Staple Singers (1/2), Blue Cheer (1/2), Fender Guitars (1/4), Bonnie & Clyde (1/4)
Cond:  VG+ No label

Price: $130

 Rolling Stone Magazine #9   (4-27-68) w/ the Beatles on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Beatles Battle Blue Meanies.
Other Features:  Beatles Yellow Submarine, Eric Clapton Busted, Tragedy Comes To Frank Zappa, Rolling Stones Interview w/ Mike Bloomfield (Pt. 2), Traffic, Blood Sweat and Tears.
Articles:  The Doors Crucify Jim Morrison, Moby Grape - Tale of Two Grapes, Donovan, Monterey Festival, Country Joe & The Fish, Monkees, Mick Jagger.
Record Reviews:  Traffic, Blood Sweat and Tears, Otis Redding, Steppenwolf.
Advertisements:  Laura Nyro (full), Velvet Underground (full), Jefferson Airplane (full), Rotary Connection (full), Playback The Appletree Theater (full), Savage Resurrection (1/2), Eric Burdon & The Animals / Fillmore Winterland Concert (1/4)
Cond:  Exc+ No label.

Price: $180

 Rolling Stone Magazine #11 (5/25/68) w/ Juliana Sakowsky on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Photographer Baron Wolman.
Other Features:  Monterey Festival, Bob Dylan, BB King, Jerry Ragavoy R&B Producer.
Articles:  Blood Leaves Sweat & Tears, Ringo Starr, Otis Redding, Bar-Kays, New Beatles LP, Pop Staples at Fillmore, Barry McGuire Busted.
Record Reviews:  Moby Grape, Simon & Garfunkel, Incredible String Band, Tom Rush.
Advertisements:  Moby Grape (full), Mothers of Invention (full), Papas & Mamas (full), With Liberty & Justice For All (full), Loading Zone (full), Inner Mystique Chocolate Watch Band (1/2), Spanky & Our Gang (1/2), Two Suns Worth (1/2)
Cond:  VG- Label removed.

Price: $80

 Rolling Stone Magazine #13   (7/6/68) w/ Tiny Tim on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Tiny Tim
Other Features:  Aretha Franklin, 2001: A Space Odyssey.
Articles:  Little Willie John Dies in Prison, Cream Seperation Denied, Motown Benefit for Poor, James Brown.
Record Reviews:  Mama's and the Papa's, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Joni Mitchell, John Fred & His Playboy Band, Manfred Mann.
Advertisements:  Quicksilver Messenger Service (full), Donovan in Concert (full), Johnny Rivers (full), United States of America (full), Thelonious Monk (full), Dr John (1/2), Big Brother & The Holding Company (Janis Joplin) at the Winterland (1/4), Spanky & Our Gang (1/2), Two Suns Worth (1/2)
Cond:  Exc+ No label.

Price: $110
Another copy in Exc condition - Label removed.
Price: $92

 Rolling Stone Magazine #15   (8/10/68) w/ Mick Jagger / Stones on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Mick Jagger / Rolling Stones.
Other Features:  Mick Jagger & The Rolling Stones Comeback w/ Beggars Banquet LP.
Articles:  Eric Clapton / Cream, Soul Together, Merle Haggard.
Record Reviews:  Buddy Guy, Revolution movie soundtrack, Fleetwood Mac, Music from the Big Pink.
Advertisements:  Phil Ochs (full), The Comfortable Chair w/ producers Krieger & Densmore (full), Notes From The Underground (full), Julie Drsicoll / The Brian Auger The Trinity (1/2), The Believers (1/2), Jerry Jeff Walker (1/2) Ticket sales of Moby Grape / Jeff Beck Group / Mint Tattoo / etc (1/4)
Cond:  Exc+ No label.
Price: $150

 Rolling Stone Magazine #17   (9/14/68) w/ Zap Comix on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Zap Comix by Rick Griffin
Other Features:  The Rolling Stones Pete Townsend Interview, John Lennon The Egg Man Wears White, Eric Burdon.
Articles:  Apple is Closed - Beatles Give It All Away Free, Doors Concert Starts Riot in Long Island, Ray Charles, Newport Pop Festival, Airplane & Doors Fly To Europe.
Record Reviews:  Butterfield Blues Band, Nilsson, Byrds, Spirit, Mason WIlliams, Big Brother & The Holding Company, Fats Domino, Incredible String Band.
Advertisements:  Country Joe & The Fish (full), Grateful Dead (full), Dino Valente (full), Mike Bloomfield (full), Al Cooper & Steve Stills (full), Ravi Shanker (full), Unspoken Word (1/2)
Cond:  Mint- No label.

Price: $89
Another copy in Exc+ condition - No label.
Price: $79

 Rolling Stone Magazine #18 (9/28/68) w/ Pete Townsend / Who on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Pete Townsend Interview
Other Features:  Smokey Robinson.
Articles:  Hearing Loss From Concerts, Country Joe McDonald, Janis Joplin - Big Brother and the Holding Company, Black Artists on TV Shows: 'Soul' w/ Lou Rawls - 'TCB' w/ Diana Ross - 'Aretha's World of Soul' w/ Aretha Franklin, Buddy Guy, Jerry Wexler of Atlantic Records, George Wallace, and Country & Rock Music.
Record Reviews:  Magic Sam, Grateful Dead, Phil Ochs, David Blue, David Ackles, The Doors: Waiting For the Sun, Laura Nyro, Jeff Beck Group, Gary Burdon Quartet.
Advertisements:  Song of Innocence (full), Kensington Market (full), Arlo Guthrie (full), Sir Douglas Quintet Plus 2 (full), Crazy World of Arthur Brown (full), Janis Joplin - Bog Brother and the Holding Company (full), Canned Heat (full), Smothers Brothers (full), Little Boy Blues (full), Limelight (full), Procol Harum (1/2), Jimi Hendrix (1/2), Heads Up The Heads (1/2), Kali Bahlu (1/2), Terry Ber (1/2), Blue Cheer (1/2), Jim & Jean (1/4)
Cond:  Exc+ Label removed.

Price: $145
Another copy in Exc condition - Label on backside and has a phone number lightly written on front, otherwise looks like it was printed yesterday
Price: $85
Another copy in VG- condition - Label removed. 3"x3" Coupon cut out of back cover.
Price: $65

  Rolling Stone Magazine #19   (10/12/68) w/ Mick Jagger / Stones on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Rolling Stone Interview w/ Mick Jagger
Other Features:  Big Sur Folk Festival, Van Dyke Parks.
Articles:  John Sebastian Leaves Lovin Spoonfuls, Tiny Tim Sues, Sunset Strip and Local Property Values, Sky River Festival.
Record Reviews:  Ten Years After, Mike Bloomfield, Sir Douglas Quartet, Small Faces, Joan Baez, John Mayall's Blues Breakers.
Advertisements:  Linn Country (full), Fugs, (full), Fred Neil (full), Procol Harem (full), Daughters of Albion (full), Peter Paul & Mary (full), Look Inside The Asylum Choir (full), Sunshine Company (1/2), Heavy Heads (1/2), Sandy Nelson (1/2), Infinite McCoys (1/2), Byrds (1/2), JK & Co. (1/2), HP Lovecraft (1/2), The Hello People (1/2), Billy Taylor (1/2)
Cond:  M- No label.

Price: $115
Another copy in Exc+ condition - Label removed.
Price: $105
Another copy in Exc condition - Label on backside and some small tears also on backside - front looks very clean.
Price: $85

  Rolling Stone Magazine #20   (10/26/68) w/ The Beatles on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Beatles
Other Features:  Mama Cass Elliot RS interview, The Doors, Airplane In Middle Earth, Albert King.
Articles:  Ex-Beatle Pete Best Wins Playboy Suit, Brian Jones Dope Case, Sly Stones Bum Trip To London, Ray Charles, Bob Dylan Beats Elvis.
Record Reviews:  Barry Goldwater Reunion, Jefferson AIrplane, Arlo Guthrie, Pink Floyd, Junior Wells, Pentangle, Definition Chrysalis.
Advertisements:  Butterfield Blues Band (full), Jimi Hendrix Experience (full), Procol Harem (full), Second Rotary Connection (full), Barry Goldberg (full), Jefferson Airplane (full), Electric Mud (full), John Mayall (1/2), Millenium 1968 (1/2)
Cond:  Exc No label.

Price: $120

  Rolling Stone Magazine #21   (11/9/68) w/ Drugs In Vietnam on cover

Cover / Feature Article: US Army/Drugs In Vietnam on cover
Other Features:  Muddy Waters, Monterey Jazz Festival, Little Richard.
Articles:  Beatles, John Lennon in the Nude, Tom Dooley Busted, Motown Sues Producers of Supremes Hits, Mamas & Papas Sued by Dunhill, Traffic, Spencer Davis Group Splitting Up.
Record Reviews:  Jimi Hendrix Experience, Booker T. & The MGs, Linn County, Savoy Brown, The Who, Don Ellis.
Advertisements:  Steve Miller Band (full), Mad River (full), Harvey Mandel (full), Steppenwolf (1/2)
Cond:  Exc No label.

Price: $95
Another copy in Exc condition - Label removed.
Price: $70

 Rolling Stone Magazine #24    (12/21/68) w/ The Beatles on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Beatles on cover
Other Features:  The Rolling Stones, The Doors New Riot Concert Tour: A Smash in Phoenix, Lou Adler, Yoko Ono on her Films.
Articles:  Graham Nash to Leave Hollies, Burdon Quits to Make Flicks, Animals Hassled in Japan, Elvis TV Special, Atlantic Records Signs Led Zeppelin, Family Dog Hassles, Dion Dimucchi.
Record Reviews:  Ruben & The Jets, Charles Musselwhite Blues Band, Duncan Browne, Kensington Market, Mother Earth, Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity, BeeGees.
Advertisements:  Steppenwolf (full), Mother Earth (full), John Lennon (full), Cher (1/2), The Soft Machine (1/2), Graffiti (1/2), Ruben & The Jets (1/2), Turtles (1/2), Calliope (1/2), Rod McKuen (1/2), Ventures (1/2)
Cond:  Exc Label removed.

Price: $115

 Rolling Stone Magazine #26   (2/1/69) w/ Jimi Hendrix on cover

Cover / Feature Article: Jimi Hendrix
Other Features:  Memphis Debut of Janis Joplin, article, 'It Happened in 1968', True Sexual Hysteria, Dino Valente, Beatles First Live Concert in 2 Years, John Lennon & Yoko Ono, Nash, Crosby & Stills.
Articles:  Bill Graham Attacked At Fillmore East, The Band and their 3 New LPs, Miami Pop Festival 1968, Rascals New Concert Policy, Monterey Pop Film.
Record Reviews:  Zombies, Jerry Lee Lewis, John & Alice Coltrane, The Hardin 3, Johnny Shines Band.
Advertisements:  Traffic (full), Randy Newman (full), Spirit (full), K-SAN Radio (full), Skiddo (full), Amboy Dukes (1/2)
Cond:  Mint- No label.

Price: $175
Another copy in VG+ condition - Label removed.
Price: $120

 Rolling Stone Magazine #27   (2/15/69) w/ Groupies on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Groupies / GTOs
Other Features:  Anna Trixie Merk from the GTOs, Plaster Casters, Groupies & Other Girls, Beatles.
Articles:  Arlo Guthrie / Alices Restaurant, Apple Records, Rolling Stones, Cream Final Album & Farewell Film, Battle Over The Fillmore East, Electric Wolf: Man It's Dog Shit, Tim Hardin's Mom.
Record Reviews:  Judy Collins, Electric Flag, Tiny Tim, Barry Goldberg, Fantastic Expedition of Dillard & Clark, Richard & Mimi Farina, John Hammond.
Advertisements: Deep Purple (full), Smooth Ball (full), Joan Baez (full), Africa (1/2), Gentle Soul (1/2), Touch (1/2), KAK (1/2), Jimmie & Vella (1/2), Spirit (1/2), Electric Flag (1/2)
Cond:  M- No label.

Price: $95

 Rolling Stone Magazine #28 (3/1/69) w/ Japan's Julie & Tigers on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Rock in Japan
Other Features:  Michelangelo Antonioni - An interview & Preview of Zabriskie Point, Zap Snatch & Crumb, Van Morrison, Joe Cocker.
Articles:  Genitalia Slips Quietly Under The Counter - Lennon's Two Virgins, Fake Aretha Franklin Show, Jack Bruce, Jeff Beck, Johnny Winter, Rolling Stones.
Record Reviews:  Blood Sweat & Tears, Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR, Aretha Franklin, Coldwell - Winfield Blues Band, The Insect Trust, Bert Jansch, Merle Haggard.
Advertisements: Van Dyke Parks (full), Donovan (full), Led Zeppelin (full), The Big Huge (full) Kooper Bloomfield (1/2), Don Ellis (1/2)
Cond:  Mint No label.

Price: $70
Another copy in M- condition - No label.
Price: $65
Another copy in Exc condition - Label removed.
Price: $50

 Rolling Stone Magazine #29   (3/15/69) w/ Janis Joplin on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Janis Joplin
Other Features:  Bob Dylan, The Incredible String Band, Flatt & Scruggs, Timothy Leary.
Articles:  Letters About Groupies & Plaster Casters, John Lennon & Yoko Ono Slapped Hard About Two Virgins, Melanie Has A Last Name, Meher Baba Dies.
Record Reviews:  Led Zeppelin, Pentangle, Spirit, Melanie.
Advertisements: James Taylor (full), Judy Collins (full), Charlie Watts for Gretsch Drums (full), Taj Mahal (1/2), George Smith & The Chicago Blues Band (1/2), West / Bridges (1/2), Danny McCulloch (1/2), Blood Sweat & Tears (1/2), Kim Foley (1/2)
Cond:  Mint No label.

Price: $130
Another copy in Exc- condition - Label removed.
Price: $90

 Rolling Stone Magazine #30 (4/5/69) w/ American Revolution 1969 on cover

Cover / Feature Article: American Revolution 1969 on cover
Other Features:  Uh-Oh, I Think I Exposed Myself Out There - Morrison Wanted in the County of Dade, Panthers Fight To The Death Against Racism.
Articles:  Monterey Festival Embezzlement, Crosby Stills Nash, Small Faces, Creedence Clearwater Revival CCR, Big Pink Band, Blood Sweat & Tears, Mamas & Papas, Jeff Beck, Noel Redding.
Record Reviews:  Byrds, Moby Grape, MC5, Neil Young, Flatt & Scruggs, Lenny Bruce, Cream.
Advertisements:  Van Morrison (full), Vanilla Fudge (full), Jethro Tull (full), Steppenwolf (full), Quicksilver Messenger Service (full), MC5 (full), John Mayall (1/2), Hoyt Axton (1/2), The Nice (1/2), Moby Grape (1/2), Free (1/2)
This copy comes complete with the insert. Cond:  Mint- No label. Includes the 'American Revolution 1969' insert.

Price: $125
Another copy in M- condition - Label removed with small remnant remaining. Includes the 'American Revolution 1969' insert.
Price: $110
Another copy in VG condition - Label on front. No insert.
Price: $60

 Rolling Stone Magazine #31   (4/19/69) w/ Sun Ra on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Sun Ra
Other Features:  Bunky & Jake, Earthquake - California Fears Fear Itself, Morrison's Penis is Indecent.
Articles:  Censors Muffle Smothers Brothers, Blue Meanies Attack The Beatles, Jethro Tull & His Fabulous Tool, Hearst Closes It's Eye (magazine), MC5 Kick Out The What.
Record Reviews:  Tiny Tim, Fats Dominoe, The Holy Mackeral, Joan Baez, James Taylor, Miles Davis Quintet, Richard Brautigan, Johnny Winter, Goro Yamaguchi, Elvis, Johnny Otis Show, The Beach Boys.
Advertisements:  Great American Eagle Tragedy (full), Aynsley Dunbar (full), Three Dog Night (full), Mothers of Invention / Uncle Meat (full), Flying Burritoe Bros., Lonnie Mack (full), Southwest FOB (1/2), Black Pearl (1/2), Ten Years After (1/2), Zombies (1/2), Savoy Brown (1/2)
Cond:  Mint No label.

Price: $85

 Rolling Stone Magazine #32    (5/13/69) w/ Steve Winwood on cover

Cover / Feature Article:  Steve Winwood / Traffic
Other Features:  Morrison Hands Himself Over, A Last Look At Traffic, Fillmore West To Close.
Articles:  John Lennon & John Hoyland Letters, R&R Electric Factory, Palm Springs Riot, Memphis Blues Festival, Clapton Winwood Baker - New Band, Beatles, Aretha Franklin, Bill Graham, Mama & Papas, Johnny Winter, Beach Boys, and a photo of Julian Lennon.
Record Reviews:  Lonnie Mack, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Lothar & The Hand People, Illinois Speed Press, Black Pearl, Linda Ronstadt, Jerry Lee Lewis, The Big Huge, Incredible String Band.
Advertisements:  Albert King (full), Dr. Byrds & Mr. Hyde (full), Seatrain (full), Spider John Korner & Willy Murphy (full), Rascals, Johnny WInter (1/2), Sons of Champlin (1/2), Moby Grape 69 (1/2), Screamin Jay Hawkins (1/2)
Cond:  Mint- No label.

Price: $75
Another copy - This one a UK issue in M- condition - No label.
Price: $72

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