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R&R Eight Track Tapes:   A - D / E - M / N - S / T - Z & Misc        Cassettes

5th Dimension: Greatest Hits on Earth (VG+)   Price: $4  

5th Dimension: Individually & Collectively (VG-)   Price: $4  

Allman Brothers Band: Beginnings (VG)   Price: $4  

Allman Brothers Band: Brothers And Sisters (VG+)   Price: $4  

Anka, Paul: Feelings (M-)   Price: $4  

Anka, Paul: Feelings (Exc-)   Price: $3  

Anka, Paul: The Painter (Exc+)   Price: $3  

Anka, Paul: Times of Your Life (Exc)   Price: $3  

Ashford & Simpson: Come As You Are (VG)   Price: $4  

Atlantic Rhythm Section: A Rock and Roll Alternative (Exc)   Price: $5  

Average White Band: Put It Where You Want (Exc-)   Price: $4  

Bacharach, Burt: Futures (Exc-)   Price: $4  

Bachman Turner Overdrive: Not Fragile (M-)   Price: $6  

Bad Company: Desolation Angels (Exc)   Price: $6  

Bad Company: Straight Shooter (VG+)   Price: $5  

Band, The: Best of… (M-)   Price: $6  

Band, The: Northern Lights-Southern Cross (M-)   Price: $6  

Bangla Desh: Pt 1 Concert w/ Geo Harrison, Ravi Shankar, etc (Exc)   Price: $4  

Bangladesh Pt. 1 & 2 Concert w/ Geo Harrison, Ravi Shankar, etc (M-)   Price: $20  

Beatles: 1962-66 Part 1 (VG-)   Price: $8  

Beatles, Songs Made Famous by The... (Exc)   Price: $5  

Bee Gees: Children of The World (Exc-)   Price: $4  

Bee Gees: Main Course (Exc)   Price: $5  

Bee Gees: To Whom It May Concern (Exc)   Price: $5  

Bee Gees: Trafalgar (Exc+ w/ custom case)   Price: $5  

Belefonte, Harry: Harry Belefonte (M-)   Price: $5  

Bells: Love Luck and Lillipops (Exc+)  Price: $12  

Betts, Dickey & Great Southern (M-)   Price: $6  

Blondie: Parallel Lines (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Bloodrock: Bloodrock 3 (Exc)   Price: $5  

Bloodrock: Salem (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Bloomfield Kooper Stills: Super Session (M-)  Price: $16  

Bloomfield, Michael: It’s Not Killing Me (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods (M-)   Price: $7  

Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods (VG)   Price: $5  

Bowie, David: Rise & Fall of Ziggie Stardust (Exc)  Price: $12  

Brady Bunch: Meet The Brady Bunch (M-)  Price: $20  

Brian Augers Oblivion Express: Closer To It! (M-)   Price: $7  

Brian Augers Oblivion Express: Straight Ahead (M-)   Price: $7  

Brothers Johnson: Look Out For Number One (VG)   Price: $4  

Brown, James: Greatest Hits (VG-)   Price: $5  

Browne, Jackson: Late For The Sky (Exc)   Price: $5  

Browne, Jackson: Running On Empty (M-)   Price: $6  

Browne, Jackson: The Pretenders (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Byrds: Byrdmaniax (M-)   Price: $7  

Byrds: Byrds (M-)   Price: $7  

Cale, J.J.: Okie (Exc-)   Price: $3  

Captain & Tennille: Dream (Exc)   Price: $5  

Captain & Tennille: Song Of Joy (VG)   Price: $4  

Carmen, Eric: Change of Heart (VG)   Price: $4  

Carpenters: Passage (Exc)   Price: $5  

Carpenters: The Singles 1969-1973 (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Carpenters: The Singles 1969-1973 (VG+)   Price: $4  

Cars: Cars (VG)   Price: $5  

Cash, Johnny: Man In Black (M-)   Price: $8  

Cash, Johnny: The Christmas Spirit (M-)   Price: $3  

Cavaliere, Felix: Felix Cavaliere (M-Sealed)   Price: $8  

Chambers Brothers: The Time Has Come (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Charles, Ray: The Tender Side Of… (Exc+)   Price: $4  

Charlie Daniels Band: Million Mile Reflections (Exc-)   Price: $4  

Cher: Sings The Hits (Exc)   Price: $5  

Clapton, Eric: At His Best (VG)   Price: $6  

Clark, Gene: Collectors Series – Early L.A. Sessions (M)   Price: $7  

Cobham, Billy: Spectrum (Exc-)   Price: $4  

Cold Blood: Cold Blood (Exc+)   Price: $6  

Cold Blood: Lydia (Exc)   Price: $6  

Cooper, Alice: Billion Dollar Babies (VG+)  Price: $12  

Cowsills: The Cowsills (Exc)   Price: $5  

Crosby, David / Graham Nash: Wind On The Water (M-)   Price: $7  

Crosby, David: If I Could Only Remember… (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Cruise, Pablo: Worlds Away (VG)   Price: $4  

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks (Exc+)   Price: $6  

Daniels, Charlie: Te John, Grease & Wolfman (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Davis Jr, Sammy: Let There Be Love (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Davis, Mac: Baby Don’t Get Hooked On Me (Exc)   Price: $5  

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends: D&B Together (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Delaney & Bonnie and Friends: w/ Eric Clapton (M-)   Price: $7  

Delaney & Bonnie: Best Of… (M-)   Price: $7  

Delaney & Bonnie: Motel Shot (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Denver, John: An Evening With… twin pack (Exc+)   Price: $6  

Denver, John: Farewell Andromeda (Exc)   Price: $8  

Denver, John: Spirit (Exc+)   Price: $5  

Derek and the Dominoes: Layla & Other Love Songs (VG+)   Price: $5  

Diamond, Neil: Do It (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Diamond, Neil: Stones (VG-)   Price: $4  

Diamond, Neil: You Don’t Bring Me Flowers… (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Dire Straits: Communique (Exc)   Price: $5  

Donovan: Cosmic Wheels (Exc)   Price: $6  

Donovan: Hurdy Gurdy Man (Exc)   Price: $7  

Donovan: In Concert (Exc-)   Price: $7  

Donovan: Mellow Yellow (M-)   Price: $9  

Donovan: Open Road (Exc+)   Price: $7  

Doobie Brothers: Best of… (Exc)   Price: $5  

Doobie Brothers: Captain & Me (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Doobie Brothers: Takin It To The Streets (M-)   Price: $7  

Doobie Brothers: Takin It To The Streets (VG)   Price: $4  

Doobie Brothers: What Were Once Vices... (VG+)   Price: $4  

Dr. Hook: A Little Bit More (M-)   Price: $9  

Dr. Hook: Greatest Hits (Exc-)   Price: $5  

Dr. John: Let The Good Time (M-Sealed)  Price: $12  

Dylan, Bob: Before The Flood (Exc+)   Price: $9  

Dylan, Bob: Self Portrait (Exc+)  Price: $12  

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