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The Doors:    Apparel Items  -  Jim Bead Necklaces & Bracelets

  Paris 40th Anniversary July 3rd, 2011

Paris 40th Anniversary July 3rd, 2011 T-Shirts
High quality 100% cotton Canvas brand t-shirts to commemorate the July 3, 2011 Paris event. Hurry! This is a limited edition shirt and will go fast!
Click for the BIG Picture.

Price: $25   

  Los Angeles Doors-Dest 2002 T-Shirts


LA Doors-Fest 2002 T-Shirts    CLOSE OUT!
High quality 100% cotton t-shirts with the impressive Doors-Fest lizard logo design. Only a few XL white teeshirts with the blue design are left.
Price was: $22.95
Now $9.99

  Leather Hippy Vest w/ Airbrushed Jim Morrison

Leather Hippy Vest w/ Airbrush Jim Morrison.
This custom painted vest is nothing short of awesome! The condition of the vest is Exc+. Because of the outstanding condition, I am guessing that the vest was mostly used for display. There are a few very small scratches on the airbrush artwork, but nothing that stands out. I know you will be happy with this and it's only a fraction of the price that it originally sold for. If you're hippy chick is a size medium, then this is the perfect gift.

Click for the BIG picture.
Price: $55

  The Doors Guitar Pinback Buttons

The Doors Guitar Pinback Buttons
This may be your last chance to obtain these vintage 1980s pieces of Doors memorabilia. They are over 20 years olf and very rare! These beautiful guitar-shaped lapel pins are in a silver tone metal with a white background with "The Doors" in red letters. They measure a little over 1-1/2" long. Cond: Mint! Never worn!
Click for BIG picture.
Price: $10
  Jim Morrison Button Earrings

Jim Morrison Button Earrings
I just got a few pair of these in! They are brand new: Mint codition - never worn and still on the card (not shown). The button itself measures 7/8" tall. These are very cool and wont last long!
Click for BIG picture.
Price: $18
 Lucky Lizard Foot Key Ring

Lucky Lizard Foot Key Ring - SMALL
No Doors fan is complete without their Lucky Lizard Foot Key Ring! No two are exactly alike. Each comes complete in it's own gift box. Great for gifts or just for yourself! Small size approximately 1-1/2" to 2" long
Price: $12

Lucky Lizard Foot Key Ring - MEDIUM

In gift box. Medium size approximately 2-1/2" to 3"
Price: $14

Lucky Lizard Foot Key Ring - LARGE

In gift box. For those of you who need something a little bit bigger! Large size approximately 3" to 4"
Price: $16

  The Doors Tour Collection Doors Tack Pins

The Doors Tour Collection Doors Tack Pins
We were lucky enough to get just a handful of these in! Very cool! Cond: Mint! Never removed from card!
Price: $12

  The Doors Tour Collection Jim Morrison Tack Pins

The Doors Tour Collection Jim Morrison Tack Pins
While we got a handful of The Doros tack pins (above) there were only a few Morrison's amongst them. Very hard to get! Cond: Mint! Never removed from card!
Price: $14

 Jim Morrison 30th Anniversary Buttons

Jim Morrison 30th Anniversary Buttons
Lizard logo buttons designed specially for The DCM group that went to Paris the first week of July in 2002 to remember the passing of James Douglas Morrison. These were the pins to recognize each other as they made their treks to Paris. Each button measures 2-1/4" across.

Price: $3

SPECIAL! Buy 3 Buttons for...
Price: $6

 The Morrison 50th Birthday Celebration Buttons

Morrison 50th Birthday Celebration buttons.
In October of 1993, Frank Lisciandro called to ask if I had an interest in going to Paris to host a Doors memorabilia exhibit for the Morrison 50th Birthday Celebration. I couldn't say no! These buttons, a few other items and many good memories are all that remain from that grand event. For a more detailed description of the events surrounding the Morrison 50th Birthday Celebration, Check out the article written by Doug Sundling (author, 'The Doors Artistic Vision') in The Doors Collectors Magazine #3 by Clicking here.

This set contains the entire assortment of three different Morrison 50th Birthday Paris Celebration in original packaging. Each button is 2-1/4" across. Get the complete set of three while our supplies last! Cond: M
Set of 3-Buttons
Price: $6

 The Doors: 13 Album Promo Button


"13" Promotional Buttons
These were given away when the album was released in November 1970. Very rare! Cond: M
Price: $3

 The Doors Official Logo Buttons


Official Doors Logo Buttons.
Set of two 1-1/2" buttons with the "doors" logo. One is black on yellow, the other one is yellow on black. Both new and mint condition
Price: $4

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