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 'The Doors: In Their Own Words' by Tobler and Doe

The Doors In Their Own Words
Soft cover. Out of print. Pictorial portrait of the band from the early years to the death of Jim Morrison. It includes scores of photographs that surround the written thoughts and philosophy of Morrison and the three other band members, as taken from rare interviews, reviews and critiques. It's the whole fascinating story told as only those who were there could tell it. Cond: Exc+

Price was: $26
Now: $13

 'The Doors: Their Artistic Vision' by Doug Sundling

The Doors: Their Artistic Vision
Soft cover. Out of print. First hand bound edition of what later became the UK published book, 'The Doors Artistic Vision' (below). Cond: M-
Price: $--
Signed copies are available by clicking the button below

 'The Doors Artistic Vision: Revised Edition' by Doug Sundling

The Doors Artistic Vision: Revised Edition
Soft cover. If you want to get the most out of your time; this is the 'readers digest' condensed version of the UK book (directly above). 64 pages. Cond: M
Price: $--
Signed copies are available by clicking the button below

 'The Doors Dyskografie' - Polish Import

The Doors Dyskografie
Soft cover. Polish Import. An interesting looking miniature book with a pretty good 'Doors' discography in Polish & English. Very interesting and complete! Cond: M
Price was: $8
Now: $4

  'The Doors: On The Road' by Greg Shaw

The Doors: On The Road
Soft cover. Out of print. An incredible handbook of virtually every Doors live show! Set lists! Reviews! Incredible! Ten years in the making - recommended by everyone who reads it! Since it's printing in 1997, the prices continue to soar as these become harder and harder to find. I just got in one copy from a collection I purchased! Grab it while you can cause it probably wont be here tomorrow - especially at this price! Cond: Exc
Price was: $79
Now: $39.50

  'The Doors: On The Road' / 'Jim Morrison and I' by Greg Shaw

The Doors: On The Road (Italian Import)
Hard cover. Out of print. This is the same book that is so hard to get here in the US, but this edition has more Doors photographs (mostly taken by Frank Lisciandro) and is a quality hard cover edition! Yea, for some of you being written in Italian is a drawback, but the dates are still easily understandable if you are getting the book for a reference to the Doors liveshows. Cond: M-
Price was: $88
Now: $44

  'The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrisons Legacy Goes On Trial'

The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrisons Legacy Goes On Trial
The title accurately describes the aggravated situation between members of The Doors as they fight each other in court over using The Doors name and logo. Who is right? You decide. Regardless of who you think it right, the book dispells some myths and what some have thought to be realities. It's always interesting to hear a Door speak openly of their thoughts and perceptions of the 60s era and their time at the top of the charts. Cond: Mint

Price: $--
Signed copies are available by clicking the button below

 'The End: The Death of Jim Morrison' by Bob Seymore

The End: The Death of Jim Morrison
Soft cover. Out of print. Compelling accounts of Jim's final days in Paris during the summer of 1971. Many different theories are presented as to what actually was the ultimate demise of Jim Morrison. Very interesting. Cond: Exc+

Price was: $42
Now: $21
Another copy. Cond: Exc-
Price was: $34
Now: $17

 'Follow The Music' by Jac Holzman

Follow The Music
Hard cover. Written by Elektra Records founder Jac Holzman - this isn't a book about The Doors, but The Doors were one of the first and biggest bands Holzman signed to Elektra, so the book has stories about the band throughout. Whether you're a Doors fan or you want to know about Holzman and Elektra it's a fascinating story from beginning to end.
Jac Holzman started Elektra from his college dorm room and haunted coffee houses in Greenwich Village in the late 50's perfectly positioning him to catch the folk scene as it came on and to record it. Holzman did everything from finding the artists, to recording them, to getting the records made, to getting them into record stores. Even though all this took place 50 years ago it would be good for any entrepreneurs out there to read this book. The stories related by Holzman are interesting, he knows how to turn a tale. Definitely one of the best books I have ever read! Recommended! Cond: Exc
Price was: $28
Now: $14

 'Glimpses' by Lewis Shiner - First Edition Hardcover

First Edition Hardcover! A great fictional novel about character Ray Shackleford's journeys back into time to retreive great lost rock albums for the Carnival Dogs Record Company (based of course in Los Angeles) These great lost albums he retrieves come from Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. Very interesting and tastefully written! This author knows his stuff! Timothy Leary is quoted on the dust jacket saying, "Glimpses captures the sixties perfectly..." and I have to agree. An incredible book! Click here for a review of this book. Only a few signed copies available - this book is getting very hard to find! Cond: Exc-
Price: $--
Signed copies are available by clicking the button below

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