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 'Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife' by Mick Farren

Jim Morrison's Adventures in the Afterlife
First edition hard cover w/ dust jacket. Out of print. The author pairs Jim Morrison with the evangelist Aimee Semple McPherson, with whom he whoops it up in the afterlife. He also encounters such famous dead people as Dylan Thomas, Jesus, and Moses. Possessed of an imagination that rivals that of any of our edgiest fantasists, steeped in the detritus and ephemera of three decades of pop culture, Mick Farren has crafted in this new novel a bizarre and compelling fantasia. Jim Morrison's ADVENTURES IN THE AFTERLIFE is just that: the story of Morrison, the dark yet naive Lizard King, as he hurtles through a purgatory-like afterlife in search of some way to bring his soul to peace. Cond: M
Price was: $25
Now: $12.50

 'The LA Musical History Tour' by Art Fein

The LA Musical History Tour
Soft cover. Out of print. Not only does this have many of the main Doors sights listed, but 136 pages of other places listed where major events in the personal history of many of LA's rockers occurred - Over 200 locations! Very informative and very recommended! Don't plan a trip to LA without it! Cond: M
Price was: $8
Now: $4

 'LA Woman' by Cathy Yardley

LA Woman
California author Cathy Yardley's fictional novel about moving to a new city where you don't know anyone. The city is of course, Los Angeles. Every chapter is named after a Doors song attesting to the author's favorite music group. Although not really Doors related, it is a good read for those of you who like to read novels about sex, drugs and making it on your own in the city of lights. Cond: Exc
Price was: $8
Now: $4

 'Light My Fire' by William Casselberry (alias Jim Morrison)

Light My Fire
Out of print. Soft cover. The famous book 'Predicted By Nostradamus' (as the cover reads) sequel to Bank of America of Louisianna. This is the first (and only) edition published by Zeppelin, Baton Rouge, La in 1984. Overall a pretty nice copy of the psychotic ramblings of William Casselberry, passing himself off as Jim Morrison as he reappears on earth disguised as a super hippy. Not only was our old price the cheapest price for this cult favorite on the internet. Cond: Mint

Price was: $125
Now: $62.50
Another copy in Exc condition
Price was: $99
Now: $49.50

 'The Lords And The New Creatures' by James D. Morrison - Polish Import

The Lords and The New Creatures
Soft cover. Polish Import. Contains both Polish and English translations. Cond: M

Price was: $10
Now: $5
Another copy in VG+ condition
Price was: $6
Now: $3

 'Moonlight Drive' by Chuck Crisafulli

Moonlight Drive
Soft cover. Out of print. Large edition photo book highlights in great depth the story behind every Doors song! It is a very interesting book with facts you probably wouldn't of heard of in other doors related books; This, and the great color and B&W photos on nearly every one of the 178 pages, make it a must for all door's fans. Cond: Exc+

Price was: $32
Now: $16
Another soft cover copy - This one in VG+ condition.
Price was: $18
Now: $9
Another copy - This one the rare Hard Cover Edition - Cond: M-
Price was: $135
Now: $67.50

 'Morrison: A Feast of Friends' by Frank Lisciandro

Morrison: A Feast of Friends
Soft cover. Out of print. A casual look at the performer Jim Morrison as seen through the eyes of the people who knew him best. A study of Morrison like never before - as told via interviews and by those who knew him best. Contains over 120 rare photos and 176 pages. Cond: Exc+
Price was: $32
Now: $16

 'Morrison: Poems From The Other Side' by Jim Morrison

Morrison: Poems From The Other Side
Soft cover. Out of print. A very curious book by Jim Morrison?! ... at least as channeled by Deborah & Stacey Lazarus. Featured on the MTV News awhile back. Cond: M

Price was: $12
Now: $6

 'Mr Mojo Risin: The Last Holy Fool' by David Dalton

Mr Mojo Risin: The Last Holy Fool
Out of print. Hard to find copy soft cover book with forward by Nick Tosches contains over 125 B&W photos. Content is about Morrison as seen by David Dalton, one of rock's finest historians. Very Illustrated. Cond: Exc+

Price was: $28
Now: $14

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