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  'The Doors Unhinged: Jim Morrisons Legacy Goes On Trial'

The Doors Unhinged by John Densmore
Autographed by Doors drummer, John Densmore

First Edition Hard cover signed "John Densmore" on title page. The title accurately describes the aggravated situation between members of The Doors as they fight each other in court over using The Doors name and logo. Who is right? You decide. Regardless of who you think it right, the book dispells some myths and what some have thought to be realities. It's always interesting to hear a Door speak openly of their thoughts and perceptions of the 60s era and their time at the top of the charts. Cond: Mint

Price was: $99
Now $87.50

A signed soft cover copy
Price was: $49
Now $42.50

 'Riders On The Storm: My Life with Jim Morrison & The Doors'


Riders On The Storm by John Densmore
Autographed by Doors drummer, John Densmore

First edition hard cover w/ dust jacket of John's 1991 book about his life with The Doors and about himself. It is signed on "John Densmore" on the title page in black marker and comes with our certificate of authenticity to insure it's increase in value. Highly recomended reading! These books are out of print and getting harder to find - let alone when they are signed by the author! Cond: Exc+

Price: $110

 'Inside The Fire: My Strange Days with The Doors' by Doug Cameron

'Inside The Fire: My Strange Days with The Doors'
Signed by author, Doug Cameron
First Edition Soft cover. Doug Cameron is a product of the Midwest, known for its friendly people. Doug attended West High School in Rockford, Illinois, and graduated in 1969. Only eight days after graduation Doug began his employment as the first Assistant Road Manager for the rock group the Doors. 'Inside The Fire: My Strange Days with The Doors' is the story of his 17 incredible days as the Assistant Road Manager for the band. What insights could one have in working with The Doors for just a little over two weeks? Read the interview and then the book to see! It's absolutely fascinating! Cond: Mint.
Price: $14

 'Outlaw Blues' by Paul Williams

Outlaw Blues
Signed by Crawdaddy publsiher & author, Paul Williams
Soft cover. Written by the founder and editor of Crawdaddy magazine. During the 60s his publication rivaled Rolling Stone for market placement amongst the rock magazines. During their run, there was several noteworthy and even legendary articles. This book contains the best. It includes a complete chapter called, The Night On Fire, which contains two Doors articles taken from the pages of his magazine: 'Rock is Rock: Discussion of a Doors Song' and 'Rothchild Speaks'. Also includes other articles on Bob Dylan, the Byrds, Grateful Dead, Brian Wilson (Beachboys) and many others. Very recommended! Cond: M
Price: $28

 'The Doors and The 60s Press' by Doug Sundling

The Doors and The 60s Press
Signed by author, Doug Sunding

Newly updated with 30 pages of new stuff! This new edition has now become so big that it can no longer be spiral bound so each is bound in a three-ring binder. This privately published book contains all sorts of short anecdotes and factoids about The Doors taken straight from the actual magazines and newspapers from 1966 to 1979. A very interesting - back to the original stuff - kind of book. Recomended. Cond: M

Price: $52

 'The Doors: Their Artistic Vision' by Doug Sundling

The Doors: Their Artistic Vision
Signed by author, Doug Sundling
Soft cover. Out of print and signed by author, Doug Sundling. First hand bound edition of what later became the UK published book, 'The Doors Artistic Vision' (below). Cond: M-
Price: $40

 'The Doors Artistic Vision: Revised Edition' by Doug Sundling

The Doors Artistic Vision: Revised Edition
Signed by author, Doug Sundling
Soft cover. If you want to get the most out of your time; this is the 'readers digest' condensed version of the UK book (directly above). 64 pages. Cond: M
Price: $11

 'Glimpses' by Lewis Shiner - First Edition Hardcover

Signed by author, Lewis Shiner
First Edition Hardcover! A great fictional novel about character Ray Shackleford's journeys back into time to retreive great lost rock albums for the Carnival Dogs Record Company (based of course in Los Angeles) These great lost albums he retrieves come from Jim Morrison, Jimi Hendrix, the Beatles, and the Beach Boys. Very interesting and tastefully written! This author knows his stuff! Timothy Leary is quoted on the dust jacket saying, "Glimpses captures the sixties perfectly..." and I have to agree. An incredible book! Click here for a review of this book. Only a few signed copies available - this book is getting very hard to find! Cond: M
Price: $45

 'Set' by Darryl Read

Signed by author, Darryl Read
Limited edition hard cover. Out of print. Poetry book by the English punk / poet who performed with Ray Manzarek until his untimely death a few months before Ray passed. Illustator, George Underwood is well known for his commercial & album cover work on musical greats such as T.Rex, David Bowie and others. A great signed collectible! Cond: M

Also see Darryl Read's CD w/ Ray Manzarek by clicking here.
Price: $24

 'Jim Morrison: Stone Immaculate' by Patricia DeVaux - French

Jim Morrison: Stone Immaculate
Signed by author, Patricia DeVaux
Soft cover booklet. Out of print. French Import. Original printing of this rare privately published thirty-six page booklet of photos of the grave in Pere Lachaise by this French Photographer were taken before the Bust was stolen. Quality of the pictures is stunning! Limited production of only 500 copies. Cond: Exc+

Price: $120

 'Jim Morrison: Stone Immaculate Vol. 2'   by Patricia DeVaux - French

Jim Morrison: Stone Immaculate Vol. 2
Signed by author, Patricia DeVaux
Soft cover booklet. French Import. Privately published. A complete new edition of the book above with 23 amazing photos of Jim Morrison’s grave at Père Lachaise cemetary in Paris - Many never seen before! All images adorned by great poetry.
This new edition is very different from the previous one. It has a complete new design, some new photos, text in English, and the paper it is printed on, is very high quality. This book is a rare document and a sincere homage to Jim Morrison's grave. It shows all its serene beauty and the beautiful marble bust before it was destroyed and then ultimately stolen… As the last edition, this one too is a strict limit of only 500 copies - each signed on the inside front cover by author. Cond: Mint

Price $45

 'Into This House We're Born' by James Hunt

Into This House We're Born
Signed by author, James Hunt
First Edition Soft cover. The first half of this book chronicles the author's slow but steady absorption into Doors music following the 1967 release of Light My Fire. By 1981, he has returned to grad school in Madison, Wisconsin to complete work on his PhD in philosophy while at the same time moonlighting as the manager of a local Doors tribute band. Through an unlikely series of events, he becomes that band's fourth and final lead singer, making an emergency debut of his untested vocal cords before 100,000 people at the annual Madison Halloween block party. He quits school and is immediately thrust into Jim Morrison's legendary nomadic, Rock & Roll lifestyle. Within a year and a half, he falls in love with the woman of his dreams and is beset by acid-drenched revelations concerning the real meaning behind Morrison's words. The book's second half consists of ground-breaking essays composed over the next twenty-five years that analyze, interpret and decode JDM's most personal lyrics and poetic verse. 'Into This House We're Born' inspired Ray Manzarek to remark, "I really enjoyed it. A most perceptive take on Jim's words. Again, 'Well done!'" This book is a must-read for any serious Doors lover. Cond: Mint.
Price: $35

 'Jim Morrison Is Absolutely Alive' by Richard T. Rossberg

'Jim Morrison Is Absolutely Alive'
Signed by author, Richard T. Rossberg
Soft cover. Novel This book is set in 2000 when Rossberg discovers and befriends a quiet stranger living in the Roadhouse apartments. Curiosity leads him to find out more about his man as a friendship develops and the two embark on adventures together. Over time, Rossberg wonders if the urban legend about Jim Morrison being alive could be true and if this new mysterious friend could be the rock legend.
This riveting read digs deep beyond the artificial techno-world of television and computers to the vast surroundings of Montana and the great mysteries that may be unearthed if we let ourselves discover them. The book is reminiscent of stories by the late great Hunter S. Thompson, which blurred the distinctions between writer and subject, fiction and non fiction: Fans of Jim Morrison and the Doors, will clearly relate to the parallels between the two characters.
The use of poetry in this novel, gives credence to the character in true Morrison form, as the underlying plot unveils. Rossberg engages the reader from the start as he flirts with dangerous compelling situations which seem all too real. Cond: Mint

Price: $14.95

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