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The Fred Chandler Poetry Gallery

Printed Poetry

 'The X Factor' by Fred Chandler


'The X Factor' by Fred Chandler     Signed by FRED CHANDLER
This first edition of Fred Chandler's chapbook X Factor, is a collection of 18 poems from the oeuvre of this poet's extensive body of work. "I'm well acquainted with fear and death. I'm the captain on this deck," writes Chandler in the poem X Factor. In these poems, the poet explores the unknown and the familiar alike - at once lyrical and poignant, humorous and searching for meaning in a world that knows "the worth of its own loss."
Cond: Mint

Price: $10

 'A Flying Frog' by Fred Chandler


'A Flying Frog' by Fred Chandler     Signed by FRED CHANDLER
The second chapbook published in 2010 by Fred Chandler, A Flying Frog contains poems and images that accompany readers as "we journey through this life writing a biography inside our hearts" (from the poem, 'For the Earth Only'). At times emphatic and philosophical, this collection of poems never pauses to breathe. It moves forward ferociously with energy and vivacity, constructing a bright light with which to shine on life.
Cond: Mint

Price: $10

Spoken Word CD

 Fred Speaks CD by Fred Chandler


'Fred Speaks' CD by Fred Chandler    
Fred Speaks is a selection of 35 poems written and read by Fred Chandler. The CD was recorded over a weekend in Ojai, California, with Bruce Botnick. Botnick produced The Doors' album "L.A. Woman" and has worked with artists such as Eddie Money and the Rolling Stones. Fred Speaks is a collection of some of Chandler's best works of poetry, and ponders existential themes - from life to death, beauty and destruction.
Cond: Mint

Price: $10

 Fred Speaks Vol. 2 From Beyond Baroque CD by Fred Chandler


'Fred Speaks Vol. 2 From Beyond Baroque' CD by Fred Chandler    
Fred Chandler's second CD is a collection of poems read at Beyond Baroque, a historical venue for poetry and writing in Venice, California. This epic recording reaches towards the meanings of human existence, love and relationships, transformation, personal and collective heritage, 9/11, and journeys to the end of the world.
Cond: Mint

Price : $10

Package Deal!

 Both Chapbooks + Both CDs by Fred Chandler


Both Chapbooks + Both CDs by Fred Chandler    
Get both of Fred's first edition signed chapbooks PLUS his both of his new CDs, 'Fred Speaks' and 'Fred Speaks Vol. 2' which are both produced by Bruce Botnick and features a full collection of spoken word poems all for one low price!
Cond of all items: Mint

Price: $38


  'Wind In Her Hair' Poster



'Wind In Her Hair' Poster    Signed by FRED CHANDLER & BRUCE BOTNICK
(38" x 27") The poem, 'Wind In Her Hair' originally came from a 1971 dream that Jim Morrison had right before he left for Paris according to Danny Sugerman. When Fred Chandler was working in The Doors office with Danny in 2003 adapting the screenplay of Wonderland Avenue, Danny told Fred of Jims dream about "a girl with wind in her hair riding a horse in a nightmare". Chandler, a published poet was inspired by this Jim Morrison story and wrote a beautiful poem.
Bruce Botnick (The Doors Engineer), friend and poetry mentor of Freds, edited the poem into song lyrics, as he did for Morrison's poetry so many years ago when he was producing the LA Woman album for The Doors.
Catherine Martin (Academy Award winner for Art Direction of Moulin Rouge and Art Director for Baz Luhrmann's recent movie Australia), had her creative team do a unique graphic, true-to-form of William Blake as in his The Sick Rose. Add an incredible print job, and this beautiful poster was the end result!
Don't delay! This is a doors.com exclusive! While our supply lasts this limited edition poster will be signed by both Fred Chandler and Bruce Botnick PLUS all orders will also include a sheet containing the story of how this poster came to be personally signed by Fred Chandler. Cond: M
Click for the BIG Picture
Price: $35
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