"The San Francisco 'beat scene' and writer Jack Kerouac had a tremendous effect on the young Jim Morrison and his drawings illustrate this. Rebellious and explicit [some extremely!] they reflect Jim's fascination with 'the cutting edge' and pushing the limits. Dark, strange, brilliant and childlike, they give rare insight into the mind of a hero who led a generation in cultural revolution."
   --Excerpted from 'Up For Bids,' The DCM #6).

Limited edition works of art by rock stars are a popular commodity these days. A limited edition single serigraph portrait of Jim Morrison by Rolling Stones' guitarist Ron Wood is offered for a cool $1,250! Robby Krieger's beautiful, limited edition silkscreen of She Lives On Love Street is selling for $500. Ron and Robby are very much alive yet their artwork commands these prices. Consider the Jim Morrison sets...rare, bound to increase in value and currently affordable.

These professionally-made lithograph sets were released in 1982 by Morrison's Alameda High School chum, Fud Ford. Fud had saved Morrison's artwork unknowingly and refound it many years in the early eighties. Each set contains all 26 reproductions of Morrison's 1957/58 Alameda High School era artwork. This is the only time that reproduction of the entire set was authorized. The individual drawings were auctioned off by Christie's, New York in November 1994. Chances for another limited edition of all drawings are nil since the original collection has now been broken up. (Read more about Fud Ford and these drawings in Lisciandro's Morrison: A Feast Of Friends and in Sugerman & Hopkins's No One Here Gets Out Alive - Also read the exhaustive article written by a child psychologist who examined the drawings and tells what secrets they hide in The DCM#10: 1999 Annual.

The Doors Collectors Magazine purchased the last remaining complete sets of the original limited edition from Fud's business associate; Each lithograph is professionally-printed on heavy paper. The attention to foolproof replication is incredible. Only a very discerning eye can differentiate between a litho and its pencil original. Nineteen of the lithos measure approximately 8 1/2" x 11" while seven are somewhat smaller. Each print is hand-numbered and embossed with a unique 'JDM' seal attesting to its authenticity. The lithos come in an attractive custom folder which pictures Jim Morrison's 1957/58 high school swim team photo on the front cover. All sets come with a letter of authenticity signed by Morrison's high school friend, Fud Ford (deceased).


Price/Set: $289


Are these lithos sold separately? Yes!   Several of these last sets have been broken down and are now being offered individually to the fans who can't afford to purchase an entire set. These lithographs are still just as authentic as the lithos in the complete sets described - Each comes with a high quality replica of an original certificate signed by Fud Ford. This will make the remaining complete sets more valuable - if you purchased one from us before now, it is now one of only 230 numbered sets rather than 250. For pictures/prices of individual lithos, please click below:
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