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Jessie Buddell Art Gallery
Each Limited Edition Powder Ink Print
is hand signed by Jessie on the front
All Artwork Copyright © Jessie Buddell - All Rights Reserved.

[Print #01]             A Moment in Poetry

A Moment in Poetry This subtle oil painting shows Jim Morrison during a thoughtful pause in the action. His lyrics are so full of evocative, powerful images, because poetry was his passion. Print size: 9" x 17"
Price: $52

[Print #02]             Break On Through

Break On Through This is another version of "Dark Poet". I wanted to portray Morrison's mind as exploding with ideas, images, and creativity. Print size: 9" x 17"
Price: $47

[Print #03]             Dark Poet

Dark Poet This mixed media painting shows Jim Morrison in all his dark and mysterious glory! Print size: 11" x 12"
Price: $47

[Print #04]             Electric Vision

Electric Vision This acrylic painting tries to represent the two different sides to Morrison's personality. The larger image portrays his bold, powerful energy. The smaller image depicts his introspective, poetic nature. Print size: 11" x 11"
Price: $61

[Print #05]             Flashing Glimpse

Flashing Glimpse This acrylic painting was done with a watery, washy feel - in the attempt to portray Morrison's ethereal, sensual good looks. (As if he just happened to glance your way) Print size: 11" x 13.5"
Price: $52

[Print #06]             Freedom to Feel

Freedom to Feel Acrylic painting of Jim Morrison caught in a thoughtful moment at the microphone. Print size: 11" x 12"
Price: $52

[Print #07]             Inspiration

Inspiration In the midst of vibrant, swirling colors, Morrison is shown in a state of bliss. I wanted this acrylic painting to portray him as being in another state of mind, open to receive his inspiration. Print size: 11" x 14"
Price: $61

[Print #08]             The Morrison Stalk

The Morrison Stalk Jim's animalistic and dark features have always fascinated me. In this pastel painting, I tried to depict his prowling sensuality. Print size: 11" x 14.5"
Price: $52

[Print #09]             The Ancient Ones

The Ancient Ones Morrison's fascination with Native American culture was the inspiration for this acrylic painting. It shows him with a subtle, knowing smile on his face - reflecting his old soul!! Print size: 11" x 13"
Price: $52

[Print #10]             Profile of Morrison

Profile of Morrison I think this drawing captures the softness of his face, showing vulnerability and even a sort of innocence. Print size: 11" x 12"
Price: $47

[Print #11]             The Changeling

The Changeling Graphite sketch of the bearded Morrison, who showed his fans that he wasn't exactly who they expected him to be. He had the freedom to change his image. Print size: 11" x 14"
Price: $47

[Print #12]             Wishful Sinful

Wishful Sinful I wanted this charcoal drawing to portray the gentle, thoughtful side of Jim Morrison. Print size: 11" x 11"
Price: $47

[Print #13]             Love Forever

Love Forever Jim Morrison and his "cosmic mate" Pamela Courson, captured in a loving, tender moment, along with the symbol for eternity. Print size: 13" x 11"
Price: $61

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