New Morning Productions, Inc published Masters from the Summer of 1990 till the Fall of 1992.

The quality of each magazine is what financially put the company out of business. Each issue contained the perfect ingredients: 82 pages of color & b/w photos and as many psychedelic images & posters as the budget would allow; all woven together with ground breaking articles and interviews...even after 25 years the articles touched on new information in many instances.

So many high priced photographs and illustrations were resurrected back to life (in full color whenever possible) that the budget was just too high...Even too high for High Times magazine, who bought the heavily-in-debt publication, absorbed it's assets and put it out of business.

Today each Masters of Rock issue is a prized collectable. The most rare is Masters of Rock #3: The Life & Times of Jim Morrison which regularly sells for around $100. If your Doors collection is lacking the Masters issue, then you don't have a collection.

A few storage boxes of mint condition Masters were discovered in a back corner of a magazine distributor's warehouse. Get them before they're gone...

Masters #1: Jimi Hendrix
Masters #1:
Jimi Hendrix     $35
Masters #2: John Lennon
Masters #2:
John Lennon     $25

Masters #3:
Morrison   $--

Masters #4: Led Zeppelin
Masters #4:
Led Zeppelin     $25
Masters #5: Rolling Stones
Masters #5:
Rolling Stones     $20

Masters #6: Grateful Dead
Masters #6:
Grateful Dead    $25
Masters #7: Psychedelic 60s
Masters #7:
Psychedelic 60s  $25
Masters #8: Eric Clapton
Masters #8:
Eric Clapton     $20
Masters #9: Jim Morrison / Jimi Hendrix / Janis Joplin
Masters #9:
Jim/Jimi/Janis     $30

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