Jim Morrison & The Doors

One Ounce Pure Silver
Commemorative Medal

This commemorative medal is a flawless "cameo" proof-like strike minted to exacting specifications to create backgrounds that are perfect reflective "blazing-mirrors" (which show up jet-black in scans) and designs that are frosty white (which, of course show up white in scans). The contrast between the mirror-like backgrounds and designs is stunning! It weighs one-ounce, is struck in .999 pure silver and measures 39 mm (a bit larger than a silver dollar).

This is one of only a handful of very rare proofs that were struck before the official production run in order to check the functionality of the coinage presses. These were made before the official run that ultimately ended in the non-release of this exquisite coin. The pressman (who was a huge Doors fan) rescued these few remaining proofs from the scrap barrel.

All numbered coins of the limited edition set were later recalled shortly after their release due to legal permissions not being obtained properly and were melted down. Today only a few remaining numbered coins still exist and they are priced well out of range of most Doors / Morrison Collectors.

The Doors Collectors Magazine is closing out the last remaining handful of these proofs.

1-Morrison/Doors Silver Coin
Price: $238