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Museum Quality Items:   Concert Memorabilia - Misc Items

  'The Lords: Notes On Vision' by Jim Morrison

'The Lords: Notes On Vision' by Jim Morrison        
A RARE FIND! We have just acquired a first edition (one copy of only 100!) of Morrison's first privately published poetry edition, which was printed up by Jim Morrison himself through Western Lithographers in the spring of 1969. It is one of only 100 copies printed and paid for by Jim Morrison. Even though this copy (unfortunately) has been read, handled and enjoyed, It is regardless. extremely rare! The nature of the envelope in combination with the loose pages makes these self destruct with time and they all have damage consistant to some extent.
The pages:
The pages in this volume have some minor wear and very slight minor blue transfer on just about all pages but the first page is the worse with additional wear on the outer page and some glue spotting on the front from the envelope. This copy has all 82 pages: 79 with the original poems used in the later printed Simon & Schuster L&NC plus the three additional pages not in the printed books. One of the original 79 pages has been lost over the ages, or very possibly was never included. A reprinted page of this one page is included, but is on paper that is slightly different and will be obvious to the new owner. This missing page was probably the result of a printer's error rather than negligence. I have seen a missing odd page in two different copies that came from sources very close to The Doors' members.
The envelope:
The condition of the envelope is Poor to Good condition at best. There are numerous flaws and heavy wear on almost every corner of the plastic cover as can be seen in my untouched photographs. The glue has failed on every spot, the string tie is missing and the two connection spots are both worn.
It comes with our DCM Certificate of Authenticity and Guarantee. Condition overall: Good

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Price: $2499 Plus $30 US Postage

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Jim Morrison Third Privately Published Poetry Book: An American Prayer

  Original Miami 1969 Mug Shot / Doors Signatures Framed


Original Miami 1969 Mug Shot / Doors Signatures Framed
(24.5" x 15") This is something that turned up in 2008 and quickly sold from our memorabilia list. One of the cops that worked in Miami in the years following the now infamous Doors Miami concert was told to clean out some old files...He singled out this picture and took it home for his niece who loved The Doors...it was in her care till 2008. She framed it with an original Doors promotional picture which is starting to show it's age and is turning silver as many photos from the era do when they weren't fixed properly when processed. Also framed is signatures of Ray, Robby, and John on some sort of card - the signatures are faded. Also is a xerox copy of the back of the mug shot photo. The true value of this is in the mug shot. It comes without COA and guarantee of originality. More photos are coming... Cond: Excellent!
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Price: $6,999 Plus $50 US Postage

  The Official Doors / Morrison Silver Coin Set


Official Doors / Morrison Silver Coin Set
To many this coin is a myth. It's been rumored to have existed, but not many know the entire story. Danny Sugerman recounted the real story to me years ago: He said idea for the coin was proposed to Ray and Robby at a Doors meeting in 1991 and both loved the idea - they signed the permission papers for the limited edition set to be made (and to get their royalty fee) But for some reason John didn't make it to this particular meeting and didn't know anything about the coins. With the confusion surrounding the horrible Oliver Stoned film coming out, someone screwed up and production on the coins began without John's needed approval. When Densmore found out about the coins and disliked the idea, production immediately was halted and all coins made previous to this were recalled and destroyed. None were supposedly ever sold. But somehow a few slipped out - this is one of a few coins that still exists today.
As you can see from the photo link below, this is a very classy item and much thought went into the embossed suede presentation case, the booklet / sticker enclosures as well as the design of the sealed mint condition coin which bares the likeness of Morrison on one side and the official Doors logo on the other. The unusually rare coin is one troy ounce of .999 fine silver but worth it's weight in gold to the right lucky Doors fan. Cond: M.
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Price: $999

  The Official Doors / Morrison Silver Coin Proof

Official Doors / Morrison Silver Coin Proof
What a find! Only a handful of these proofs exist thanks to an alert coin press operator / Doors fan who saved a handful of proofs for the above coin, as the production run was getting underway. Yes! These ARE the same coin that was in the original rare sets (as seen above), except these lack an edition number engraved on them. Same troy ounce of .999 fine silver with a spectacular finish, only these leave some additional ounces in your wallet. Click below to see close ups of these rare silver proofs. Cond: M.
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Price: $238

  Rick & The Ravens Business Card

Rick & The Ravens Business Card
This card was given to a drummer in a band that played with Rick and the Ravens in 1964. He held on to it till the day I bought it from him. It has two pinholes in it where he had it tacked on his wall. It is a little yellowed everywhere except where the tack heads were. Everything is very clear and easy to read as you can see from the scan below. This is a very rare item and I have only seen one other that belonged to another one of the Ravens when we interviewed them for our Encyclopedia project. Cond: Exc

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Price: $599

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