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At checkout the minimum cost for airmail shipping to overseas locations ($16.95) will be charged with your order. There are so many options as to how your package can be sent that it's not practical to set up our shopping cart to configure these out at checkout time and even if we did, it would confuse you more than inform. After we receive your order, it will be carefully packaged, weighed and sent the best / cheapest way possible, whether it be first class airmail, global priority, or parcel post. In most cases, all you will pay for postage is the $16.95 minimum. Bead orders, CDs, or other smaller items that can be fit into a 9-1/2"x12" mailer, for instance never go beyond the $16.95 minimum. If a package does require more postage, our staff will figure the postage for you and automatically charge your card a second time for any additional face value postage if need be. A receipt will be promptly emailed back to you before your package is mailed.
We know shipping can be expensive and we go out of our way to make sure you spend just what you have to and no more. If you would like to receive a shipping quote before ordering, please email us a list of items you need and your location.

BE AWARE: The airmail postage option will not include insurance. If the value of your merchandise is greater than you can afford to lose, then we strongly recommend using registered airmail (see below). We are not be responsible for lost or damaged items mailed out by non-registered mail.

The post office charges an additional $11.75 per package for it's registered service. With this service, packages are critically tracked and don't get lost, nor do they get inspected by customs as often (it's none of their business what we send you and how much it costs anyway!) We know it costs a bit more, but we like to use this service so your packages arrival is safe, guaranteed and without any unpleasant bills from customs as a surprise. Simply choose the 'Overseas Registered Airmail' postage option during checkout and our shopping cart will charge you the minimum of $28.70 (Airmail shipping + Registered Fee). In most cases, this amount is all you will pay for registered postage. You will be charged a second time for any additional postage funds only if the actual postage costs that go above the minimum amount. If you choose this option, we guarantee your packages safe arrival at the lowest possible cost to you. If registered airmail is not available for your package due to size or country regulations, we will default to a different guaranteed postage option. We always do our best to keep the shipping costs and the declared values low.

We've spent every effort to make our shopping site safe, secure and user friendly for Doors fans from all over the World. If you experience problems with our shopping cart, please feel free to use one of the other methods (below) for submitting your order, or use our secure back up order form where your card will be processed manually by our staff - it's located at:

We are still perfecting a system of doing this more easily, but in the mean time, please email us your intended order and let us know what you need, your preferred method of shipping (Airmail or Registered Airmail) and the email address you intend to pay from. We will package your order and email a paypal invoice to you for the total amount including correct postage. All invoices are to be paid in US$ Dollars. The email address to send paypal order requests to is: kerry@doors.com (This is also our paypal address)

(801) 224-7390 We're here 24 hours a day to take your orders! Please have your order, your card number and expiration date ready before dialing. Be aware: our order taker ONLY speaks English.

(801) 224-5723 Completed order forms can be printed out from our shopping cart and FAX'ed to us. If you're not using our official order forms please be sure you include your name, address, your charge card number, it's expiration date, your phone number, and an email address or a FAX number where we can contact you with questions relating to your order if we need to. Unless all information is provided your order can not and will not be processed.

If you would like to send payments to us through the mail system, please contact us first by writing, calling, or by e-mail to check the availability of the items you want and to reserve those items until your payment arrives. Many items on our list are one-of-a-kinds.
We can accept international money orders payable in US funds or US cash, but we recommend that if you are sending cash, you carefully conceal it or send it via registered mail for your own protection. Please send all orders to:

TDM Inc, PO Box 1441, Orem, UT 84059-1441, United States


Call  (801) 224-7390                        FAX  (801) 224-5723                        or e-mail us!

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