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The Doors on:  DVD  -   Laser Disc  -   Video

 When You're Strange DVD

When You're Strange
My favorite Doors DVD! Peter Bradshaw of the Guardian says it best, "A weirdly gripping documentary about the Doors, composed entirely of archival footage of the band in the studio, on stage, and most rivetingly of all backstage, overlaid with a narrative voice over by Johnny Depp. Director Tom DiCillo is relatively incurious about the bands' mundane professional and romantic lives, perhaps for fear of importing an injurious Spinal Tap irony. But his film material of Jim Morrison is sensational." Bonus material includes the first ever interview with Jim's father. Excellent and recommended! 96 min. Cond: M

Price: $--
When You're Strange Blu-Ray  Cond: M
Price: $14

 The Doors Collection DVD

The Doors Collection
This limited edition double laserdisc set was hard to obtain even when they were available! Now the LDs are out of print. This DVD re-siisue conatins the same material - Doors videos: Dance On Fire, Live at the Hollywood Bowl and The Soft Parade. In addition to the regular soundtracks, It also has an analog track containing the three remaining Doors all watching the video's with you, commenting on everything that is being shown on the screen. Very informative and funny! This set also contains a one-hour supplementary section containing Ray's two UCLA films, John performing a play, Robby performing a special rendition of The End, L.A. Woman Director Cut (with nudity), a newly found print of The Unknown Soldier Promo video, Outtakes by Doors photographer Henry Diltz & a showing of rare Doors memorabilia hosted by The Doors Collectors Magazine. 229 min. Cond: M-

Price: $18

 The Doors VH-1 Storytellers DVD

The Doors VH-1 Storytellers Video
Rock's biggest names come together to pay tribute to The Doors. See amazing video of the original Doors members as they take on current rock superstars and rock their asses off! See Perry Farrell (Janes Addiction), Pat Monahan (Train), Ian Astbury (Cult), Travis Meeks (Days of the New), Scott Weiland (Stone Temple Pilots), and Scott Stapp (Creed) all play live with Ray, Robby and John. What a reunion! ALso enjoy 2 bonus scenes cut from the video ('Wild Child' sung by Ian Astbury & 'Riders On The Storm' sung by Scott Stapp. 75 min.
Cond: M-

Price: $12

 The Doors Are Open DVD

The Doors Are Open
Filmed in September 1968 at the Roadhouse in London's Chalk Farm. Songs include: When The Music's Over, Five To One, Spanish Caravan, Hello I Love You, Back Door Man, Light My Fire and Unknown Soldier. 56 min. Cond: M-
Price: $18

 The Doors: Live in Europe 1968 DVD

The Doors: Live in Europe 1968
A collection of rare and never before seen film footage during The Doors European tour in 1968 through London, Stockholm, Frankfurt, and Amsterdam. The video is introduced and narrated by Kantner and Slick from Jefferson Airplane who opened The Doors shows on their '68 tour. Songs included are: Light My fire, Love Me Two Times, Back Door Man, Spanish Caravan, Hello I love You, When the Musics Over, Unknown Soldier, Light My Fire, Five to One, and Alabama Song. 60 min. Cond: M-
Price: $18

 The Doors Soundstage Performances DVD

The Doors Soundstage Performances
Truely a unique compilation of three completely different Doors performances at three distinct stages in their career. Hailing from three diverse enviroments, Toronto, Denmark, and New York City, The Doors appear in the springtime of their youth performing 'The End' on a Toronto Soundstage in 1967; During their ascent on their only European tour in 1968, and again in their maturity for public television on a soundstage in New York in 1969, where they design to give an interview and a bearded Jim Morrison conducts his only on camera interview just a few short months after his arrest in Miami, FL. The concept of the Soundstage Performances laid the way to assemble all three appearances on one DVD. The majority of the material has never been seen before. Not only is it rare, but it is startingly great. Providing commentary are all three remaining Doors. Very recommended! 60 min. Cond: M-
Price: $18

 The Doors Tribute To Jim Morrison DVD

The Doors Tribute To Jim Morrison
No One Here Gets Out Alive: The Doors Tribute To Jim Morrison is a full exploration of the controversial and quixotic singer, delving into his fascination with cinema and psychology, mysticism, and sexuality, poetry and power. In addition to the performance clips of the band in action, it features interviews with all of the surviving members of The Doors and many others who were instrumental in creating and maintaining the legend, from record producer Paul Rothchild to biographers Danny Sugerman and Jerry Hopkins (who wrote hte best seller, 'No One Here Gets Out Alive', from which this program was inspired. 60 min. This DVD now out of print in this state. Getting harder to find all the time. Cond: M-
Price: $24

 The Doors Soundstage Performances / Tribute To Jim Morrison DVD

The Doors Soundstage Performances / Tribute To Jim Morrison
The two DVDs above were so good that they were issued in a special double DVD package - this is the set. Cond: M-
Price: $32

 The Doors Classic Album DVD

The Doors Classic Album
This is the difinitive authorized story of The Doors first album. A future classic was unleashed in January 1967 as the Doors released their eponymously titled debut album. This documentary in the Classic Albums series takes an in-depth look at the album, with commentary from Bruce Botnick, who worked on the album, and the three remaining Doors--guitarist Robbie Krieger, keyboard player Ray Manzarek, and drummer John Densmore. The three band members also play some of their instrumental parts from the album, offering invaluable insight into how the songs were constructed.It contains over 38 minutes of footage not included in the television broadcast. Highly recommended! Cond: M-
Price: $18

 The D21C: LA Woman Live DVD

The D21C: LA Woman Live
"This is the tour that never was", according to Ray Manzarek. This was the tour that was supposed to happen when Jim came back from Paris in May or June of 1971. Unfortunately, as we all know, the LA Woman tour never happened. But now, finally, The Doors of the 21st Century bring you LA Woman Live in it's entirety. The band lineup includes Ian Astbury on lead vocals, Ray on keyboards, Robby on guitars. Ty Dennis on drums and Angelo Barbera on bass. This concert succeeds as both a reunion and a revival of the greatest rock band in history. Get your copy before they are pulled off the market now that it has been deemed illegal for merchandise to be sold with "The Doors of the 21st Century" name attached to it. This copy is an import which is identical to US release. No foreign languages or subtitles - plus it's multi-regional! Cond: Mint
Price: $15

 Ray Manzarek's 'Love Her Madly' DVD

Ray Manzarek's 'Love Her Madly' DVD
Love Her Madly is a tale of sexual obsession, madness and murder set amidst the campus community of the exclusive California College Of The Arts. At the film's outset, an unidentified body draped by a blood-spattered sheet lays center stage within the school's Greek amphitheatre. The story unfolds over the course of the twenty-four hours leading up to the murder. Ray was quoted at the premiere as saying that the plot was actually suggested by Jim Morrison way back when. He also based the character of the sculptor on Morrison as well.
The four characters at the heart of this thriller are all artists: a professor of drama and former winner of the Pulitzer Prize, his two young proteges, a sculptor and a video artist, and the untamable actress who casts her hold upon all three men but can be held by none. This intrigue of tangled relationships offers ample reason for any of the leads to be suspected as either killer or killed; it is a whodunit in the finest noir tradition. Directed by and mated to a soundtrack scored by Doors keyboard wizard, Ray Manzarek, Love Her Madly christens a new millennial genre: hip-hop Hitchcock. 102 Min. Cond: M-
Price: $20

 The Doors Movie Special Edition DVD

The Doors Movie Special Edition DVD
Become immersed in the wild ride that Oliver Stone takes you on in this legendary film of a legendary rocker.The extrordinary life story of Jim Morrison, played eeriley by Val Kilmer, will keep you mesmerized and stay with you long after the movie has ended. This double DVD contains everything that the Pioneer special edition laser disc box set has (documentary, bios, etc) plus more outtake scenes. Cond: M-
Price: $12

 Message To Love: The Isle of Wight Festival - the movie

Message To Love: The Isle of Wight Festival - the movie
Out of print. The Isle of Wight concert was the last outdoor festival of it's kind! It is brilliantly documented in this Murray Lerners film. The Doors perform a "must see" 'The End' and 'When The Musics Over' just months before Morrison died. The movie examines the concert both on-stage and behind-the-scenes, capturing performances from many of the artists who appeared. Other performers include: Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Kris Kristofferson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Who, Ten Years After, Moody Blues, Free, Jethro Tull, Family, Miles Davis, Joan Baez, John Sebastian, Tiny Tim, Leonard Cohen. 120 min. Cond: M
Price: $28

 Under The Covers DVD - Original Issue





Under The Covers - Original Issue
Step into the incredible rock & roll archives of artist Gary Burden and photographer Henry Diltz as they share their stories, photography, and film footage (including home video of Jim Morrison at Venice Beach), artwork, music, exclusive interviews (w/ Ray Manzarek amongst others) and other behind the scenes moments with The Doors, Crosby, Stills & Nash, Eagles, Joni Mitchell, Buffalo Springfield, America, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, James Taylor, Cass Elliot, Linda Ronstadt, The Byrds, The Monkees, David Cassidy, Steppenwolf, The Turtles, John Sebastian, and more...
These two guys were responsible for many of the important album covers in the late 60's and 70's. In the video, Henry and Gary got together with the subjects of some of their famous covers and revisited many of the locations where the covers were photographed. It is interesting to see the subjects at their present ages reminisce about the things they were doing back when the covers were shot. I especially enjoyed the segments with the Eagles, America,CSN, Jimmy Webb and of course the Doors. Have heard their music for years and its fun to know a little more of their backgrounds. Overall, this is a very interesting DVD that takes the viewer back to a time when rock was young and the artists didn't take themselves so seriously. This is the rare first privately made DVD before they came out in the main stream market with the re-issue below. Cond: M
Price: $22

 Strange Days DVD

Strange Days DVD
We all want to see through other people's eyes, have their experiences, stand in their shoes. That's the promise of this movie. As the unsettling prospect of computer-generated virtual reality creeps closer, it will be possible that millions now living will know exactly what it feels like to be somebody else. This movie takes place on the last two days of 1999 in Los Angeles, which is torn by crime and violence. The ultimate high is to "jack in" by attaching a "squid" to your skull - a brain wave transmitter that creates the impression that you are having someone else's experiences. The squid software tapes the lives of other people and plays them back. What a trip!
Many Doors / Morrison references throughout the movie plus the title soundtrack is played by Prong with Ray Manzarek. The song and movie rates very recommended! 145 min. Cond: M
Price: $15

 Remember a Day

Remember a Day - PAL Format
Ray Manzarek's friend Darryl Read stars in this story about Roger Bannerman, a hermit-like rock star, and the fan who pursues and eventually kidnaps him. It took the screenplay writer two years to talk Read into playing the part. Only after visiting with the hermit like Syd Barrett himself, the man who's spaced-out lifestyle was the story's indirect inspiration, did he consent. An incredible story - offered only in PAL format (unfortunately) at this time. Cond: M
Price: $35

The Doors on Laser Disc

 Dance On Fire (Pioneer Artists) Laser Disc


Dance On Fire
Contains several color & b/w clips from the various TV appearances made by The Doors 1967-70, as well as The Doors own promo film clips. Contains the following songs: Break on Through (original promo clip), People are Strange (performance from Ed Sullivan/Murray K), Light my Fire (Ed Sullivan), Wild Child (Elektra recording session), LA Woman (from the film by Ray Manzarek), Unknown Soldier (Elektra promo clip banned since 1968), Roadhouse Blues (1968 American tour footage), Texas Radio / Love Me Two Times (Live Danish TV), Touch Me (1968 Hollywood Bowl Live), Horse Lattitudes / Moonlight Drive (Jonathan Winters Show), The End (1968 Hollywood Bowl), Crystal Ship (American Bandstand), Adagio, Riders on the Storm. 65 min. Cond: M-
Price: $26

 Live at the Hollywood Bowl (MCA) Laser Disc


Live at the Hollywood Bowl
If you buy just one video featuring The Doors, this is a "must have." Jim Morrison and the band are at their best, even though it was alleged that Morrison may have ingested LSD before giving the performance of his short, but intense life. For those of us from that generation, the music still haunts, the lyrics still reveals and the emotions still remain unchanged by time and memory. Morrison sings, dances, and screams like no one before or since. However, for all the frenzied activity, the simple, direct lines of his poetry echo softly through the years. Watching "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" is like being alive, then and now. 65 min. Cond: Exc
Price: $22

 Soft Parade (MCA) Laser Disc


Soft Parade
If you are planning to get really interested in the Greatest and one of the most popular bands in the 60's The Doors well this video will make you a even bigger fan of The Doors after you watch it has classic television performances, a very large amount of Doors live at the Hollywood Bowl. It even shows the boys playing poker and them in the studio practicing before they record " Wild Child". This video has interviews with Jim Morrison and The Doors. Also shows a photo take for a new album they was making "Morrison Hotel" in 1970. Songs include Strange Days,Break on Through,Spanish Caravan,Unknown Soldier,Moonlight Drive with Horse Latitudes,The Changeling,Wild Child,Gloria,Touch Me,Backdoor Man Melody,L.A. Woman,Wisful Sinful, Light My Fire, The Ghost Song, and Hello I love You. Great video! 50 min. Cond: Exc+
Price: $22

 Live In Europe 1968 (HBO / Image Ent.) Laser Disc


Live In Europe 1968
Any lack of polish in this production is pretty much due to the available video and film equipment of the day. That said, much of the old camerawork is quite creative and nicely done. In fact, I was riveted to this film from start to finish. The onstage performances have a beautiful, timeless quality to them. The musicianship of the band comes across very nicely, this being a time before bands had stylists, directors, choreographers, and wardrobe masters. It's just amazing to see how, more than Morrison's charisma, more than any stoned-out vibe, the music itself was the true source of the Doors' power and energy. So seldom do we get to see excellent rock music performed without a lot of record company BS. Nobody told the band how to behave onstage, nobody but Jim dictated what he was going to wear, and so on. This footage was a revelation in that way.
To observe Ray Manzarek hunched over his keyboards, fingering some amazing riffs, is to see a rather amazing illustration of rock performances that were all about THE MUSIC. An absolute "must" for all Doors fans, and a real treat for fans of west coast rock. Recommended to anyone who has an interest in classic rock or sixties culture. 57 min. Cond: M-
Price: $32

 Live In Europe 1968 (Japan - Pioneer) Laser Disc


Live In Europe 1968
Same material as the laser disc above, but released in Japan. This copy does contain an Obi. It is not discolored as it appears in the photo. An Obi is the small piece of paper included with a CD, LP, or Laser Disc that is usually wrapped around the left hand spine of the item. It is for all intents and purposes, a disposable item. It provides information to the seller and to the buyer (mostly in Japanese) about the item being sold. Once the item has been sold to the consumer it is basically useless (it has served its purpose). Although not strictly ephemera, obis are collectable items in their own right. To non-Japanese reading buyers, the dates on the obi provide an indication of when the item was made or became available. 57 min. Cond: M-
Price: $47

 The Doors Collection (MCA) Laser Disc

The Doors Collection
This is the original issued Doors Collection Laser Disc. It contains everything on The Doors Collection DVD described above. Cond: M-
Price: $28
 Message To Love (Videoarts) Laser Disc

Message To Love
Out of print. Double Disc. The Isle of Wight concert was the last outdoor festival of it's kind! It is brilliantly documented in this Murray Lerners film. The Doors perform a "must see" 'The End' and 'When The Musics Over' just months before Morrison died. The movie examines the concert both on-stage and behind-the-scenes, capturing performances from many of the artists who appeared. Other performers include: Jimi Hendrix, Joni Mitchell, Kris Kristofferson, Emerson Lake & Palmer, The Who, Ten Years After, Moody Blues, Free, Jethro Tull, Family, Miles Davis, Joan Baez, John Sebastian, Tiny Tim, Leonard Cohen. The laser disc contains an additional 18 minutes of footage that the DVD and video do not. It includes most notably Hendrix doing 'Purple Haze'; Plastic Ono Band doing ' Give Peace a Chance'; Bob Dylan doing 'Desolation Row' and more. 138 min. Cond: M-
Price: $42
  The Doors movie (Image Entertainment) Laser Disc

The Doors Movie
Double disc - Wide Screen Edition. Jim Morrison rises from UCLA film school student to the lead singer of The Doors in an odyssey of excess as seen by Oliver Stone in his version the way things happened. 140 minutes. Cond: M-
Price: $15

 The Doors movie (Pioneer Special Edition) Laser Disc

The Doors Movie
This special edition offers the movie plus the original theatrical trailer. 141 minutes. Cond: M-
Price: $27

 Apocalypse Now (Paramount) Laser Disc

Apocalypse Now
Double Disc. There have been countless books, websites, and even a documentary (Hearts of Darkness: A Filmmakers Apocalypse) about this film that it seems almost pointless to write about it. One of the most troubled productions in film history, the film went on to receive universal acclaim and is now a cinema classic. This is the movie that helped launch The Doors resurrection in 1981 with their opening song of the movie, 'The End'. An amazing movie with amazing music. 155 minutes. Cond: M-
Price: $26

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