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  This list was last updated on: Sept. 23, 2012  
The Doors Performance DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***Beat Workshop, Bremen, Germany (1972)  
This rare Post Morrison Doors show was taped for broadcast back in 1972 and lost until recently. The complete show in the best quality that I have ever seen!   Also included is several D21C apearances from TV. Quality on the entire DVD is INCREDIBLE! Highly recommended!
Exc+ (1:10)
***The Old Grey Whistle Test (1972)  
Rare video recorded on May 5 and later Broadcast on May 9, 1972. Ray, Robby, and John do live vocals but have a pre-recorded soundtrack. It is raw uncut footage (still has the timing bar up in the top left corner). It includes everything from chatter to laughing in between tracks as they work bugs out of the few songs that were to be broadcast (only I'm Horny, I'm Stoned and In The Eye Of The Sun actually aired). The song line-up includes:
I'm Horny, I'm Stoned (4 takes)
Ships With Sails (2 takes)
In The Eye Of The Sun (2 takes)
Exc+ (0:38)
***R&R Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony (1-12-93) featuring The Doors 
Contains all speeches and performances by the three inductees: The Doors, C.C.R. and Cream. Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam joins The Doors for this historic reunion performance. Very recommended!
VG+ (1:34)
Doors Documentary Titles: Quality: Time:
***The Jim Morrison Pardon  
A monumental collection of news clips and interviews pertaining to The Doors Collectors Magazine's 14 year push to get Jim Morrison pardoned for the charges stemming from the 1969 Miami concert where allegedly Morrison exposed himself and was convicted with a complete lack of evidence. Our push finally did result in a full pardon awarded by Florida's then Governor Crist. This DVD also includes exclusive footage of the clemency hearing on December 9, 2010 shot by Michael Krehl.
Exc+ (0:53)
***Le Mystere Morrison (1991)  
French TV Documentary - 80% of this show is in English, but even the French parts are easy to follow! This DVD is recommended and very interesting! Contains great live clips and some interesting interviews with Michelle Campbell and Agnes Varda amongst others! Highly recommended!
Exc- (1:35)
***The Doors Movie: MTV Special at the Whisky-A-Go-Go (2-28-91)  
This is the complete MTV special that aired the night before the Doors movie was released. Lots of interviews with the actors and actress' from the movie. Complete show is on two DVDs but carries the same trade value as just one. Highly recommended for any fan of the movie!
Exc+ (3:10)
***Ohne Maulkorb: Doors Documentary (Austrian)  
A very rare show! This is by far the best copy I have ever come across! Very trippy show...unfortunately it's all in the Austrian language. Also included on this same DVD is...
***1981 Musik Szene Doors Documentary (German)  
Another rare one! This show has some great clips of the Doors playing although it is in German.


***Jim Morrison: 50th Birthday Specials from Paris TV (12-08-93)  
A flurry of specials were aired in France amidst all the goings-on of December 8th, 1993. This DVD includes all of the best! Contained is 'Culture Rock: Jim Morrison Special' and 'Jim Morrison's Last Days In Paris', and a few other short clips!
Exc (1:50)
***Strange Deaths - Jim Morrison  
This UK special focuses on the deaths of James Dean, Andy Warhol, Jimi Hendrix and Jim Morrison. Herve Mueller hosts the segment on Morrison's death...probably one of the most accurate account I've ever heard anyone tell. It delves into several of the conflicting stories surrounding Jim's death.
Exc (1:00)
***Last Days of Jim Morrison (2006)  
This is the most complete documentary on the death of Jim Morrison that was ever made. Interviews included in this excellent documentary are with John Densmore, Pearl Courson, Herve Muller, Frank Lisciandro, Bill Siddons, the owner of the R&R Circus, and more! Walk throughs included in the DVD are from inside the 17 Rue Beautreillis apartment and several other places Jim had been. Unfortunately it is 80% in French, but even having flunked French myself, I was still able to pick out many interesting things that I didn't know. This show is recommended viewing!
Exc (1:00)
***Jim Morrison: An American Poet in Paris (2006)  
Another recommended documentary on Morrison's time in Paris. This DVD includes interviews with Gilles yepremian, Phil Trainer, and Philippe Dalecky - all of whom were friends with Jim in Paris. Unfortunately as with the documentary above, it is 80% in French, but even having flunked French myself, I was still able to pick out many interesting things that I didn't know. This show is recommended viewing!
Exc (1:00)
***Jim Morrison: Dead Famous (2006)  
In this One-hour Biography special, skeptic Gail Porter and clairvoyant Chris Fleming look into events of paranormal proportions with legend, Jim Morrison. Part travelogue, part X-Files, Dead Famous: Ghostly Encounters explores the intimate haunts where the famous dead are said to tread. Tune in for the real story of celebrity lives—after their deaths. Very interesting!
Exc (1:00)
***When Hippies Ruled the World (2002)  
A look back at the flower power era of the late 1960s, when Woodstock was the ultimate music festival and the Beatles helped to popularize Eastern Mysticism. Narrations by Ray Manzarek and Dennis Hoper and others. Very recommended!
Exc (1:00)
Doors Clips Compilation Titles: Quality: Time:
***The Doors Compilation #4  
Contains the following: The Fire's Still Burning Documentary, ET's Jim's stuff at the auction, Riot at Jim's Grave 7-4-91, Behind the scenes of the Doors Movie, and lots more...
Exc (1:50)
***The Doors Compilation #6  
Contains the following: Lifestyles w/ Danny Sugerman who talks candidly about how Jim Morrison really died according to information he received from Pamela Courson, Oliver Stone and The Doors movie profile from 60 Minutes, My Generation w/ Burdon & Krieger, clips from CNN, ET, MTV, and lots more...14 different clips total!
Exc (1:50)
***The Doors Compilation #8  
Contains the following: Lots of 1995 interviews with Ray and Danny from their trip to Europe and Australia to promote the CD release of An American Prayer. The Denton Show (Australia) contains an all-star jam with Ray Manzarek, Dick Dale, Roger Daltrey, and Chris Isaac. Lots of good stuff! Don't miss this one!
Exc (1:47)
***The Doors Compilation #9  
Contains the following: the English version of the 1991 'Last Days of Jim Morrison'; 'Stille Tage In Paris'; News clip of the Morrison 50th B-day in Paris; German documentary about The Doors; footage of The Damned as they perform LA Woman live in the studio; and lots more...
VG to Exc (1:50)
***The Doors Compilation #15  
Contains some of the most interesting clips on The Doors taken from a wide variety of sources:
Fractured Film Awards - Break On Through With JFK - 5m
Pamela Courson - Excerpt from "Memories of a French Ambassador", French TV, 1995 - 3m
The Man Who Stole the Morrison Bust from Pere LaChaise, French TV, 1994 - 2m
Rock Casualties of the Sixties - 3m
An Exhibition of Doors Memorabilia, France, 1995 - 12m
Jim Morrison on German postage stamp, German TV - 5m
1978 LSD Wird Entdeckt, WDR - 12m
Easyriders, "Easy Ride" - 4m
Easyriders, "Roadhouse Blues" - 5m
VH-1 Europe, Classic Rock, One To One, The Doors - 46m
Elvis and Jim, faked death stories, Hollywood Report - 2m
Billy Idol on Rapido discusses Doors movie - 5m
Michael Hutchence on The Doors, says he won't die young like Jim-3m
Exc (1:48)
Doors Misc Related Titles: Quality: Time:
***Easyrider Video Magazine Vol. 1 & 4  
The same guy who produced many of The Doors videos, (Rick Schmidlin) also produced these biker classics. Rick used video outtakes from the Feast of Friends movie set to Doors music in one show, and in the other, a stripper is dancing to Doors music. Beware: These contain nudity.
Exc+ (2:00)
***Beyond The Doors  
Very hard to find movie about Hendrix, Joplin and Morrison and the government conspiracy to kill them. This copy comes direct from one of the very rare original rental video cassettes...It was never commercially produced on consumer video or DVD. This very weird show contains some very bad acting and was pulled from the shelves when multiple lawsuits from Jimi's, Janis' and Jim's families were filed against the producers when it was first released, but never-the-less has maintained a classic amongst classic rock fans!
Exc+ (2:00)
***Get Crazy (1983)  
Get Crazy is a 1983 cult film directed by Allan Arkush and starring Malcolm McDowell, John Densmore, Lou Reed, Bobby Sherman, Fabian, and Ed Begley, Jr. The musical comedy depicts the fifteenth annual New Years Eve concert at the fictitious Saturn Theater, and satirizes the rock business along with many rock and roll stereotypes. The film is also a tribute to the Fillmore East theater in New York City, where Arkush once worked as an usher.
The film's main conflict comes from an evil industry mogul who wants to tear down the Saturn for a high-rise office building. In contrast the operator of the Saturn Theater, Max Wolfe (an idealized version of Bill Graham), is established as the hero of live music fans everywhere when he sums up his credo thusly: "I put on shows at the Saturn so that the kids can see the stage, afford the tickets, and hear the music."
Exc (1:32)
***The Doors: Acting Out  
This DVD is a compilation of three sitcoms starring Robby and John. First is
SQUARE PEGS: 'Open 24 Hours' starring John Densmore as himself. Second up is
MARRIED WITH CHILDREN: 'Rock of Ages' starring Robby krieger and an all star cast of classic rock stars...ie, John Sebastian, Peter Noone, Richie Havens, and Spencer Davis. Very cool song by the all-star rock band. And lastly, an Episode of
BEVERLY HILLS 90210: 'Cardio Funk' starring John Densmore as the alcoholics anonymous guy counciling Dylan.
Exc (1:40)
D21C DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***The Doors 21st Century: Molson Park, Barrie, Ont, Canada (9-29-02)  
Our second generation master video contains an incredible show was one of the first things we transferred over to DVD! Shot by Mark Bender of Cincinnati, OH. Great sound quality! Highly recommended!
Exc (1:30)
***The Doors 21st Century: Tampa Bay Perf. Arts Center, Tampa, FL (5-22-03)  
Our digital first generation DVD came from the person who took the footage. It's amateur shot with an incredible two cam mix of the entire show. Tripods were used for this incredible peak at the new Doors line up. Highly recommended!
Exc+ (2:03)
***The Doors 21st Century: The Hard Rock Cafe, Orlando, FL (5-23-03)  
Our digital first generation DVD came from the person who took the footage. Contains an amateur shot video very close to stage with one camera angle. Unfortunately the camera got rolling a little late in the show and missed the first few songs, but the conclusion & encores are all here. Highly recommended!
Exc+ (1:14)
***The Doors 21st Century on Japanese TV (8-03)  
All of the television coverage of The Doors 21C in Japan. Performance clips, interviews and a very cool Japanese MTV show which showcases some VERY RARE Doors memorabilia from Japanese Doors fan, Osamu Nozawa's Collection...stuff I have never even seen. All totals to over an hour. Highly recommended! Quality is perfect!
Exc+ (1:10)
***The Doors 21st Century: Jones Beach, Wantagh, NY (8-24-03)  
Our DVD is a digital first generation and is amateur shot with one camera. The complete 'LA Woman' album was performed this night! A tripod was definitely used because there is very little jiggle on the many closeups. Because of the distance from stage and the use of a telephoto lens, there is a little fuzziness if you watch this on a big screen, otherwise you probably wont even notice. Very good sound quality! Highly recommended!
Exc+ (2:15)
***The Doors 21st Century: Sunfest, West Palm Beach, FL (5-2-04) 
Great visuals of a great concert! Some songs have a little camera shake, but overall is very nice. Bright lighting and nice close-ups from about 10 feet from stage along with a wo camera mix makes this DVD very sweet & VERY RECOMMENDED!
Exc+ (1:30)
***The Doors 21st Century: Roseland Ballroom, Wantagh, NY (5-5-04) 
The picture tends to be on the grainy side throughout and sometimes even disappears. Never-the-less, the sound is great and this DVD is great document of of a fantastic concert. Very recommended!
Exc+ (1:53)
***The Doors 21st Century: Wembly Arena, London, England (7-10-04) 
Just in and upgraded! One of the best video performances of The D21C! Incredible closeups and sound! Over 2 hours long! Highly recommended! Our copy of this DVD didn't used to play in some standard DVD players - But now it playes anywhere!
Exc+ (2:10)
***The Doors 21st Century: Lycabettus Amphitheatre, Athens, Greece (7-22-04) 
A pretty decent transfer compared to the video tape of the same event that is floating around. A little shake and a little grain, but still worth the price of admission!
Exc- (1:28)
***The Doors 21st Century: LA County Fair, Pamona, CA (9-11-04) 
A stunning outdoor performance made from the original double VCD which we have transferred over to DVD. A great show with an even better audio!
Exc (1:30)
***The Doors 21st Century: Mexico National Auditorium, Mexico City, Mexico (10-24-04) 
A very nice DVD complete with menus for the complete show! Video is decent and sound is great! This one is highly recommended!
Exc (2:08)
***The Doors 21st Century: Buenos Aires, Argentina (10-27-04) 
Nice video footage...looks like it was taken for a local television station in Argentina. The sound however is a little low, but good quality. Overall not too bad - just wish the entire show had been filmed.
Exc- (0:42)
***The Doors 21st Century: The Roundhouse, London, England (12-31-06) 
For hard core collectors only. Sound and video not too good and cut short at just under 30 minutes. The set includes: Intro, RHB, BOT, LAW, Love Me 2x, and LMF.
VG (0:28)
Riders On The Storm DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***Riders On The Storm: Nokia Theatre, NY (5-18-07)  
This is the first DVD that has surfaced of Ray and Robby's band with Brett Scallions from Fuel singing lead vocals. As with all rebel videos, this one is a bit shakey in a few parts, but never-the-less is a document of history that lasts 1 hour and 50 minutes.
Exc (1:50)
Manzarek / Krieger Band DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: Nokia Theatre, NY (6-2-10)  
Wow! Almost three years to the date from the DVD above and a completely different show! This time Miljenko Matijevic takes the lead singer position. How lucky we are to get a video concert of his short reign in that lead position. As you might know, he was dismissed as singer within weeks of this appearance. The video is shot directly off a monitor of the live video feeds for the behind-the-stage big screens. The audio is excellent! Complete with a nice song-by-song menu! Very recommended! See our CD Trade list for the audio of this show, too!
Exc (2:09)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: Dublin, Ireland (7-17-10)  
This show is especially cool with Ray and Robby playing along side of the Lombard Philharmonic Orchestra performing an array of songs including: Waiting for the Sun, Spanish Caravan, Roadhouse Blues, Riders On The Storm and Light My Fire. Even though Miljenko Matijevic is singing and the video is shot from what looks like a balcony, it's still a very cool concert and definitely an 'out of the ordinary' show! Very recommended!
Exc- (1:35)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: Chatham RockStock Festival (8-13-10)  
Wild Child lead singer, Dave Brock fronts Ray and Robby's with excellent vocals, and as always, excellent keyboards and guitar. This is Dave's first historical concert with the guys and we're sure not the last. See our CD Trade list for the audio of this show, too!
VG+ (1:47)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: Orange County Fair, Costa Mesa, CA (8-5-11)  
A complete concert with the Ray and Robby playing to their home crowd. Dave's vocals are right on and the crowd loves them. Shot with one camera close to stage. See CD trade list for this and many other shows. Very recommended!
Exc (1:43)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: The Bataclan, Paris, France (7-3-11)  
I've seen many concerts with Doors members, but this one is the one I enjoyed most! Yep...Spiritual experience does come to mind. Multi camera footage of the high-lights of the concert plus an incredible slide show which shows hundreds of fans who were at Morrison's grave on this special day. Maybe you are in it and don't even know it?! Also includes news footage clip from the events of July 3rd. Awesome!
Exc+ (1:33)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA (10-31-11)  
This was an amazing show! There was a bootleg DVD circulating that looked like someone had put it together on their DVR. Chapters starting in the middle of songs, no set lists, etc...it was absolutely horrid although the show was excellent! I remastered the DVD and now it's worthy of being in anyone's collection!
Exc+ (1:48)
***Manzarek / Krieger Band: The Congress Theatre, Chicago, IL (11-13-11)  
A great recording of Doors classics. Ray, Robby and Dave kick butt from RHB to LMF on this excellent recording! Both video (Exc+) and audio (SB-) rock! Definitely a show to see of you haven't seen a Ray and Robby show in a while. Recommended!
Exc+ / SB- (1:41)
Robby Krieger DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***Robby Krieger / Eric Burdon Band: Ventura Beach (7-90)  
Incredible performance by this short lived band. Shot by multiple cameras! Doors fans will enjoy Roadhouse Blues & Backdoor Man amongst others - Burdon fans will love House of the Risin Sun, CC Rider, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, No More Elmore James and more! Ten songs in all
Exc+ (1:35)
***Night of the Guitar Live! vol. 1  
The best of a three hour concert performed in 1988 featuring nine of the World's greatest guitarists Robby Krieger (playing 'Roadhouse Blues'), Steve Hunter, Pete Haycock, Randy Califormia, Leslie West, Steve Howe, Alvin Lee, Ted Turner & Andy Powell. Some performances are instrumental - others have vocals, but all feature some of the most brilliant guitarmanship ever captured on tape. Exciting, fresh, and full of variety - this is rock and roll at it's best.
Exc (0:50)
***Robby Krieger Band: Philadelphia (5-26-91)  
A nice show with Robby and the band shortly after he broke up with Eric Burdon and started his own band which included band members, Waylon Krieger and Berry Oakley, Jr. Video isn't so hot, but the band tears it up!
VG (1:20)
***Robby Krieger Organization: Image Makers Art Inc, Philadelphia (4-20-93)  
A great show to a small crowd at an art gallery as Robby's promoted his painting, 'She Lives On Love Street'. The video is shot from the front row - so close it's scary. Robby plays the coolest solo during 'Touch Me' unlike anything I've ever heard before. The whole show is great! Robby rocks!
Exc+ (1:29)
***Robby Krieger Organization: New York (3-95)  
A nice long show - Sound quality is great although video is a bit tired. The show totals almost 2 hours! This time period is when I think the bad was the best.
VG (1:56)
***Robby Krieger & John Densmore: Pistoia Blues Festival, Italy (7-19-98)  
Whilte quality on this show isn't as perfect as we would like it to be, it certainly makes up by being the only show that was video taped, that I know of, that features Robby and John, in this exciting pre-D21C performance...that once was, but will certainly never be again.
VG- (1:00)
***Robby Krieger w/ Creed at Woodstock (1999)  
Another document of history taken from digital cable then to DVD! Contains the complete performance of the band "Creed" including when Robby joins them on stage. Also contains "Tragically Hip" and some nudity in the crowd - be warned!
Exc+ (2:00)
***Robby Krieger Organization: Santa Monica Pier (7-13-00) +Extras 
A nice collection of Robby Krieger band cuts which features a nice 45 minute concert of the RKO at the Santa Monica Pier plus other small cuts, Inside Edition segment on Bloodline (5 min), Robby playing Roadhouse Blues with Blue Oyster Cult (6 min), Woodstock 1999 RHB w/ Creed (5 min), and more....
VG+ (1:05)
***Robby Krieger Band: Ft Lauderdale, FL (3-8-01) 
A nice long show that actually comes on two DVDs (for the trade value of one) Hear Robby and band do all The Doors favorites, plus some of his own solo material. Very recommended!
Exc (2:25)
Misc DVD Titles: Quality: Time:
***Linda McCartney BBC Special  
Linda McCartney photographed a lot of 60s rock bands...including some photos of Morrison. This special is mainly about the life and times of Linda Eastman (McCartney), but does mention Morrison.
Exc- (1:00)
***Nico Icon  
This is one of the best documentaries on Nico. The weird but mesmerizing horror & occasional beauty of Nico's life & music are extremely well evoked. The most impressive scenes are the interviews with Alain Delon's mother Edith Boulogne -- who died soon after the movie was finished -- who had taken care of Alain's & Nico's son Ari, and, finally, John Cale performing "Frozen Warnings" alone on the piano. No matter if you know or like Nico's definitely genuine, but strange approach to music, the movie is worthwhile watching for its documentary qualities. Includes a short bit about her relationship / obsession with Morrison.
Exc+ (1:07)

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