A Little About Our Audio/Video Trades...

TRADE VALUE OF CDRs:   Our live shows can be burned onto any one of three different quality grade CDR. The trade values for each CDR depends on which grade of CDR you prefer - they are:
$8 trade value - generic CDR in a slip cover
$10 trade value - medium grade CDR w/ jewel case
$12 trade value - premium audio CDR w/ jewel case.
For more details, please see the top of the page on our Doors CDR Trade List.

TRADE VALUE OF DVDs:   The trade value of each DVD is $20. Each DVD includes a slim black plastic DVD case and a computer printed label. To see our selection of DVDs, please click to visit our DVD Trade List.

CUSTOM-MADE CDRs/DVDs/VIDEOs:   Due to time constraints, we are no longer able to offer custom tapes, DVDs, videos or CDRs. We apologize for inconveniances this may cause.

COMPUTER PRINTED LABELS:   All of the tapes, CDRs, DVDs & videos on our lists come labeled with computer printed labels. No need to worry about the inability to read song titles as happens with other tape traders! (If you are lucky enough to get a label)

TURN-AROUND TIME:   Trades usually take 2 to 3 days to get back out in the mail to you. We process our trades as fast as we process our memorabilia orders. Those of you who have ordered from us in the past know how fast we are!

RETURN SHIPPING OF YOUR TAPES - US:   All US trades will be sent back to you via insured media mail. There is no additional cost for this - It's all included in the trade value.
If you want your trade order faster, then please add an additional $5 per order (no matter how large your order is.) Your order will be rushed and your mail service will be upgraded to insured priority.

WHAT CANT WE ACCEPT:   Money...sorry. This would be illegal and no one here wants to break the law. We can accept only non-negotiable items in trade. Of course we would love to trade for other new Doors tapes, but the chances of there being obscure tapes which we don't already have are extremely slim. But if you do have something not on our list, please email!

WHAT CAN WE ACCEPT IN TRADE?   Almost any Doors memorabilia is acceptable... Even those old Doors LPs ...and those bootleg CDs that never get played because you've discovered that there is a better sounding recordings of the same show here on our trade list! For a list of common items we take in trade for audio / video tapes and CDRs, please click here. We're not limited to taking just these items though - For authorization to take any other Doors items, please email us.

But what if you're not interested in trading parts of your Doors collection...

POSTAGE STAMP TRADES:   Postage is non-negotiable so we can accept the equivalent trade value for your recordings in the form of new US postage stamps. There's no pre-authorization needed if you choose this route. For example: The trade value of one generic CDR is $8. So... send in $8 worth of new US postage stamps and we'll send you one generic CDR of your choice! And likewise, two generic CDR shows will be $16 in stamps, etc. This option is a legal way we can supply these tapes to you and also help continue to provide lower-cost Doors trades to Doors fans in countries such as Australia, Japan, New Zealand, Malaysia and many others.

OVERSEAS TRADES:   If you live overseas and non of these options seem to work for you, then please email us for a custom tailored message made especially for you by clicking here.

PLEASE NOTE:   Due to the number of trades we make, we request that all trade items/stamps be sent to us first. If you're worried about your items not making it through the mail to us, please insure them rather than calling or emailing wondering if your trade has made it here. We automatically insure every package sent out in the US.

WE PLEDGE,   that no money will be involved with any CDR, cassette or video exchange we make; All tape trades are done to feed collecting habits and to share the music of The Doors; the purpose of this list is not to make a profit. Questions? Comments? Please write, call, FAX or e-mail....


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