DECEMBER 19, 1995

Universal City, CA -- MCA/Universal Home Video will release THE DOORS COLLECTION, a daring trip into the mesmerizing world of the legendary rock group The Doors, on laserdisc for $69.98 suggested retail price, beginning December 19, 1995.

THE DOORS COLLECTION is an unprecedented look at one of the world's most influential bands ever. The laserdisc includes three critically acclaimed MCA/Universal home videos: Dance On Fire, Live At The Hollywood Bowl and The Soft Parade all directed by Doors keyboardist Ray Manzarek. In addition, the laserdisc includes never-before-seen supplemental material including interviews with all three surviving members of The Doors: Ray Manzarek, Robby Krieger and John Densmore; rare Ray Manzarek UCLA student films; filmed moments from John Densmore's successful one-man play based on his best-selling book Riders On The Storm; a new filmed Robby Krieger version of "The End," over 100 items of Doors classic and collectible memorabilia; and more.

THE DOORS COLLECTION is a private, intimate look at The Doors telling their own story. More than three hours of voice-over interviews from The Doors, their friends and compatriots help tell the tale of this ground-breaking band. Unusual in the laserdisc business, all three surviving members of The Doors were instrumental in preparing the materials for this laserdisc.

"Nothing of this magnitude has ever been done on laserdisc," says Rick Schmidlin, producer/director. "The Doors understand the importance of the laserdisc world and they understand what a Doors fan is looking for. This entire project fulfills the expectations of a true Doors fan. It is a unique, unprecedented approach."

"Being a member of The fact, the entire Doors experience...was so transcendental, so incredible, that a traditional 'talking head' documentary wouldn't do it justice," said Ray Manzarek, keyboard player for The Doors. "In making this collection, we felt it was vital to bring fans into the scene with us."

All three videos Dance On Fire, Live At The Hollywood Bowl and The Soft Parade were directed by Ray Manzarek, who first met Jim Morrison while they were both attending UCLA film school. Dance On Fire, the first video ever released on The Doors, features songs drawn from television appearance, concert performances and highlights from over 400 hours of material from the band's private archives. In the laserdisc release, fans get to see the director's cut uncensored version of "L.A. Woman." In addition, a new pristine print of the twice banned (once in 1968 and again in 1986) "Unknown Soldier" was unearthed by Bruce Botnick and has been included. The Doors: Live At The Hollywood Bowl, originally released in 1987, captures a rare moment in rock history, showcasing one of the band's most important concert engagements ever. The Soft Parade is an unabridged documentation of the real Doors, including their controversial singer Jim Morrison, as artists, performers and people. Released in 1991, the video catches the band at the peak of its career with footage from behind-the-scenes and never-before-seen interviews.

The laserdisc also includes a special 60-minute supplement only available on THE DOORS COLLECTION. The supplement includes Ray Manzarek's UCLA student films "Evergreen" and "Induction," revealing Jim Morrison's very first on-camera appearance. John Densmore provides an emotional recollection of Jim Morrison in an excerpt from his successful one-man play based on his best-selling book "Riders On The Storm." Famous rock photographer Henry Diltz narrates 30 stills he shot during the famed Morrison Hotel album session while Manzarek plays a stirring version of "Love Street" underneath. And finally, Robby Krieger plays a jazz adaptation of an instrumental version of "The End" with Arthur Barrow on bass and Bruce Gary on percussion. This special, never-before-seen supplement also includes a rare glimpse of over 100 collectibles and Doors personal artifacts, from books to singles from around the world to ticket stubs and more, presented by The Doors Collectors Magazine Editor-In-Chief Kerry Humpherys.

THE DOORS COLLECTION is recorded in a unique mix of audio commentary and stereo soundtrack.


Street Date: December 19, 1995
Order Close: November 1, 1995
Copyright: 1995 MCA Home Video Inc. All Rights Reserved
3 Hours 38 Mins./Not Rated/4 sides/$69.98 Suggested retail price.
Selection Number: 42573
Technical Information: Color, Digital Stereo, Chapter Indicators, Gatefold Jacket with exclusive photographs from The Doors' private collection.

Special Supplement:

Ray Manzarek's UCLA student films "Evergreen" and "Induction."
Excerpts from John Densmore's one-man play.
Robby Krieger performing a new version of "The End."
Outtakes from the Doors' archives narrated by photographer Henry Diltz.
Over 100 rare collectibles plus Doors personal artifacts.

Supplement Produced and Directed by Rick Schmidlin
Editor: Dave Farr
Audio Mixer: Tony Friedman
Production Associate: Pablo Manzarek
Running Time: 57 minutes


Dance On Fire:

Executive Producer: George Paige
Creative Director: Ray Manzarek
Concept by The Doors: John Densmore, Robby Krieger, Ray Manzarek
Associate Producer: Linda Weiss
Sound Design: Paul A. Rothchild
( 1985 Doors Music Company. All Rights Reserved
running time: 62 minutes

Live At The Hollywood Bowl:

Director: Ray Manzarek
Producer: Rick Schmidlin
Sound Director: Paul A. Rothchild
Director of Photography: Paul Ferrara
Editor: Richard Ross
Co-Producer: John Densmore
( 1987 The Doors video Company. All Rights Reserved.
running time: 56 minutes

The Soft Parade:

Director: Ray Manzarek
Producer: Rick Schmidlin
Executive Producer: Danny Sugerman
Editor: Philip Terrence
Cameraman: Paul Ferrara
A Doors Video Company and Cimarron/Bacon/O'Brien Production
( 1991 MCA Home Video, Inc. All Rights Reserved
running time: 54 minutes

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